Jotun Launches New Kid’s Collection Inspired by Earth

  • The new curated collection features 23 nature-themed colours to bring to life children’s spaces.

The region’s leading paint manufacturer, Jotun, launches its new Kid’s Collection ‘Dear Earth’ today. The collection features an array of natural tones that have been curated by Jotun and inspired by the vivid imagination of children.

The intention behind the ‘Dear Earth’ collection is to celebrate some of the amazing colours of the natural world and to encourage children to engage with the natural beauty around them in their everyday lives. It aims to ignite a child’s curiosity and help to cultivate future generation that values and preserves nature.

Dreamy Desert, Eternal Ocean, and Forever Jungle are the collection highlights, with each theme created as a tribute to the lush landscapes and beauties surrounding earth, enabling children to bring the outside, inside and enjoy it in their own space.

Rana Khadra, Colour and Creative Manager, Jotun, Middle East, India and Africa, said: “Our earth is a sanctuary for all life, and every action has an effect that we need to be mindful of, as we continue to teach our children the considerations for the future. At Jotun, we believe that trends are inspired by a way of life or consumers’ needs. With the ‘Dear Earth’ collection, we wanted to bring nature home with every opportunity we could and create cozy spaces for children. We want to educate, fascinate and inspire them to truly want the change the world needs.”

Not only have the colours been designed with children in mind, but Jotun’s latest interior paint innovation, Fenomastic Wonderwall Life works perfectly with the collection. Fenomastic Wonderwall Life is a beautiful, easily washable, no-smell paint with a luxurious silky finish that improves the indoor air quality.

Dreamy Desert

The Dreamy Desert theme is comprised of different hues of sand. From the warm pink of the Arabian Tahr to the inviting Desert Dunes of beautiful browns and beiges scattered with purple sunsets. It’s an oasis of imagination brimming with an array of earthy golden colours that are ever-changing, connecting us to the surrounding landscape.

Earthy Browns add a subtle warmth to any space. They can inspire coziness and comfort to make large, open spaces feel more intimate for children.

Eternal Ocean

The Eternal Ocean palette is made of greens, yellows, blues, and other beautiful hues. Designed to create a space that showcases the magic of an ocean every day and the depths of the sea to marvel at colourful corals to the Yellowfin, Green Turtle and Blue Whale.

While the earth grounds us, the sea lifts us up, opening our minds to the infinite and the unknown. Encouraging us to find tranquility in a remote wilderness or a distant horizon. The grey-blue of the ocean, white wisps of cloud, mountain stone are the colours of wild and far-flung places – this palette is the kind we retreat to when we want to immerse ourselves in nature.

Forever Jungle

The Forever Jungle theme pulls together an enchanted forest inspiring creativity and vivid imaginations. With the golden fossils of the past and the deep, red woods – this theme embodies jungle fun! Filled with oranges, blush, and deep forest colours. It is lively and energetic to truly transform any kid’s space into a tropical paradise.

For more information on Jotun’s ‘Dear Earth’ Collection, please visit Jotun Arabia’s website or social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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