Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition opens its doors in Dubai

The much-anticipated Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition jointly hosted by the governments of Kyoto Japan and the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai (DET), opened its doors to the visitors at the Dubai World Trade Center on Monday.

The exhibition, which is expected to attract more than 20,000 visitors over its three days, was opened by Mohammed Ali Rashid Lootah, Director General of Dubai Chambers, and Akimasa Yamashita Vice Governor of Kyoto’s government along with Issam Kazim

CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Sheikh Manaa Bin Hashir Al Maktoum, Mai Sakaue, CEO of Maico Enterprise Inc., which organizes the exhibition, and a large number of officials, businessmen and investors from both countries.

Commenting on the opening of the first edition of) JKTE , Rashid Mohammed Ali Lootah, Director General of Dubai Chambers stressed the importance of the Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition as an ideal platform for strengthening bilateral relations between the business communities in Dubai and Japan in various economic fields, stressing the interest of Dubai Chambers in attracting Japanese investments to the emirate.

“The total number of active Japanese companies registered in Dubai Chamber’s membership has reached 310 companies, by end of last year after adding 119 new Japanese companies that joined the Chamber’s membership in the year 2023 alone” he added.

The participating Japanese organisations, companies, and brands will cover diverse industrial sectors including technology, automotive, animation, video, games, food and beverage, among others.

The Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition is positioned to be an annual fixture in the Middle East, offering a stage for Japanese businesses to display their products and services, while simultaneously presenting UAE-based entities with fresh avenues for exploration, stated the organisers.

Akimasa Yamashita, Vice Governor, Government of Koyoto in his opening speech said: It is with great honor that we announce the hosting of Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition ” in the globally renowned city of Dubai, celebrated for its exceptional tourism and business environment.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to authorities, for their dedicated efforts in making this event possible.

Kyoto, with its over a millennium of history, stands as a historic city in Japan and serves as the epicenter of Japanese culture. Over the centuries, Kyoto has nurtured traditional crafts such as textiles and ceramics, as well as traditional foods like Japanese cuisine and matcha tea, along with cultural practices like ikebana (flower arranging) and tea ceremony.

Moreover, Kyoto is home to a diverse range of cutting-edge industries, with numerous leading companies in fields such as semiconductors, decarbonization technologies, and content creation, including movies, anime, and gaming. The refined traditional techniques and sophisticated cultural heritage of Kyoto have contributed to the global success of companies operating in various fields.”

Additionally, Kyoto is a hub for academic excellence, hosting prestigious institutions like Kyoto University, which has produced a significant number of Nobel laureates in Asia. This unique blend of tradition and innovation makes Kyoto a city where the “world’s only” converges.

“In the upcoming event, a multitude of exhibitors from Kyoto, representing both traditional and cutting-edge industries, will showcase their products and expertise. Anticipate an unprecedented event where the “world’s best” Dubai and the “world’s only” Kyoto come together in a harmonious fusion.”

According the recent statistics of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) the UAE become the top destination in the Middle East region for Japan’s exports, during the period from January to November 2023 valued at $8 billion, taking economic bilateral relations to a great level.

Japan’s exports to UAE constitutes 39.5% of Japan’s total exports to the Middle East during that period, that estimated at approximately $20.4 billion.

Mai Sakaue, CEO of Maico Enterprise Inc., said, “We are thrilled to team up with esteemed partners for this first-of-its-kind B2B engagement representing Japan. The exhibition signifies Japan’s proactive engagement on the global stage. We anticipate a successful introduction in Dubai, fostering fruitful business initiatives. Dubai is the optimal launchpad for our international business ventures. The Japan Kyoto Trade Exhibition stands as a testament to the commitment to enhance trade relations, stimulate economic growth, and foster innovation in the Middle East.”

“With a keen eye on stimulating economic growth and innovation in the region, our primary objective is to lay the foundation for a dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership that paves the way for a brighter future,”  Sakaue added.

She noted that trade associations play a significant role in supporting the event by promoting trade and commerce and bringing various advantages to the participants. We are also thankful to the governments of the UAE and Japan and their pivotal role in ensuring the success of this event with their initiatives aimed at fostering partnerships and trade.”

“While the primary focus is B2B business matching, there will be a marketing day for B2C, involving a wide range of people and generations, She added.

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