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Interview with Nadia Ratke

We meet with the Nadia Ratke, who is the brainchild behind the International Organisation of Social Justice. We met Nadia first as an Advisor to high profile family businesses and dignitaries in Ukraine and more recently in her capacity as an International Business Development professional linking businesses to opportunities between Europe, Middle East, Latin America and the USA.

Tell us about your challenges as a Business Development professional between different countries?

During my career I met with people from many different cultures and while some did business ethically, many did not and often went back on their word or looked for way that would give them gain and put others at a disadvantage.

In business there has to be mutual respect and a win win situation. I feel there is a general lack of attention to morality in the world of leadership today and that is the biggest challenge we face. The definition of morality needs to more aligned amongst business professionals globally.

How did your journey in the business world begin?

My career in the business world started together with my political career!

Fortunately both of these areas can work very closely together. You can’t have a success in social or justice if economic of your country very bad!

Following that I became an adviser to high profile family businesses, big companies and connecting them to opportunities abraod. Now I focus my time on Business Development and the International Organisation of Social Justice.

Tell us about your current role in Business Development?

I was always connecting businesses and people who have similar synergies throughout my career so now I bring my expertise of what I learnt before to the table and use that to propose interesting and unique ideas to potential investors or business partners.

Are you working on any new projects now?

Yes, now I am running and developing a few big project in 4 different countries! I am very happy that my work and ideas get a support from Government in UAE, Ukraine, Germany and Chile! It’s a big challenge to me and my team to work in big industry project and be a part of creating a new sector of economic for the company and country.

Tell us about your CSR activities?

With the International Organisation of Social Justice we hope to use lessons from the past to help solve social problems, fill the gaps and raise awareness. And to be honest- it’s biggest challenge and responsibility to me and my team! Because all projects, all new laws developing, all reforms in justice system- it a try to make the life of people better and my country more stronger

We cooperate with international organisations in different countries and the UN to implement strategies to improve on the social problems in the more disadvantaged communities.

How do you see your professional life developing?

My aim is to help make changes to the society for the better with my CSR work and advocate better business practices with my Business Development work.

I strongly believe in acting honorably and leading with high character and hope to business with like-minded professionals who make ethical decisions and have a moral compass.

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