Wednesday 7th of June 2023

In Love With Let’s Organic Restaurant & Café

By Shereen Shabnam

Last week we ventured into Jumeirah and tried out the Let’s Organic restaurant & café for dinner. It is a unique venture conceptualized byLet’s Organics introducing a 100% organic menu; the restaurant offers exquisite Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with vegan and gluten free options and it was as healthy as it was delicious.

Every bite tasted wholesome and we could taste the clean, tasty farm grown produce similar to what we would get in Fiji Islands straight from the farms. The dishes werefresh and 100% organic and thankfully, the chef did not compromise on either the taste or the flavors he presented us on the salad and little bites platter followed by mouthwatering pizza.

We were full but still decided to try the creamy pasta and the yummiest risotto you can imagine. Although we did not have much space left, we never leave a restaurant without desserts. Out of the four desserts, my personal favourite is the peanut butter and chocolate delight and I have to mention the moist and delightful carrot cake otherwise I will not do justice to the chef’s efforts.

After the meal, I went to check out the Let’s Organic supermarket two doors away and left thrilled at the amazing selection of food that would impress the best of healthy food eaters – it was amazing from dry food to fresh food, fresh meat, fish and anything you may need to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Last night, I made the organic pasta with a fresh tomato sauce and all I had to do was drizzle a bit of virgin olive oil from the outlet to make a difference. The selection of sauces, oils, pasta, fruits, vegetables, legumes etc were impressive.

Let’s Organic restaurant and cafes menu is 100% organic and includes a selection of vegan and gluten free dishes. Signature dishes include shrimp tartar, a variety of pastas with traditional Italian Ragu sauce, risotto alla milanese (organic rice with saffron), mixed meat grill (all the meats are organic & halal), grilled salmon, hand crafted meat burger and a wide variety of wood fired pizzas.

Highly recommended and if you are thinking of visiting, check out their website to get a heads up on what to expect.:

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