House of Baylandi Opens in Dubai

Versatile luxury scarves that are face coverings, fashion accessories & more

At last, The House of BAYLANDI is delighted to open its newest “maison” in Dubai, indulging the gulf region with its exquisite and timeless collections. Nestled in the iconic Habtoor Palace, this temple of Parisian chic and functional fashion is now yours to discover.

Conceptualized with maximum versatility in mind, each BAYLANDI is an accessory that can be used in any way you see fit: a safe face covering, a neck scarf, a headband, a tie, a pocket square, a bandana, purse charm or even a belt. The only limit is your imagination.

The House of BAYLANDI accessories are designed with function in mind, featuring countless different possible uses. When used as a face mask, these iconic pieces offer a tailored-like fit to any man or woman, complimenting any facial structure. In the purest tradition of French couture, each BAYLANDI piece is handmade with the savoir-faire of its small team of highly skilled seamstresses. Every pattern, every cut, every stitch is revisited with a perfectionist approach that can only be found in the top-tier “Maisons de couture”.

It takes no less than fifteen separate steps and a clock-like, precisely coordinated atelier to develop these show-stopping collections. Passionately produced in Paris in their bespoke ateliers, all BAYLANDI pieces are made from sustainably sourced and recyclable luxurious silks and fabrics.

In the midst of this global pandemic, it is in Paris that Caroline Bayle, the founder, was inspired to create colorful collections that would light up the current mood. Driven by a passion for functional fashion, she came up with groundbreaking creativity. Her obsession for Parisian chic and timeless designs from around the world gave birth to accessories that combine purpose and couture. She was made famous by her audacious take on distinguished face masks before putting her inspiration to good use on a prolific collection of accessories.

BAYLANDI’s environmentally conscious collections are always multi-purpose and free the imagination of the men and women wearing them. These iconic pieces are liberating everyone’s inspiration when it comes to complimenting their outfits with BAYLANDI. Caroline Bayle’s eye for exceptional and uncompromised couture might be inherited from her mother, an accomplished French seamstress. It is together that they crafted their first BAYLANDI prototypes, the House of BAYLANDI was born.

The House of Baylandi Dubai is located within the legendary Habtoor Palace, in Al Habtoor City on Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as the Four Seasons Hotels across Dubai.

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