“Hooked on Success: From Marketing Expertise to Launching UAE’s First Fishing App”

Rajiv Ramnath’s journey from a young boy fishing in Sharjah to a tech innovator revolutionizing the angling community is a compelling tale of passion for meeting entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Sharjah, Rajiv’s weekends were often spent by the water with his family and close friends, casting lines and sharing stories. This early exposure to fishing ignited a lifelong passion that would eventually inspire his innovative venture.

As he matured, Rajiv’s love for fishing transcended the shores of the UAE. He embarked on global expeditions, pursuing yellowfin tuna and other game fish in exotic locales, from the depths of the Indian Ocean to vibrant fishing spots in Southeast Asia. These international fishing escapades not only expanded his knowledge of the sport but also intensified his devotion to angling.

Professionally, Rajiv climbed the ranks to become the Managing Director of Promocell, a leading marketing agency serving the MENAT region. Under his leadership, Promocell has provided cutting-edge marketing solutions for major brands, showcasing his ability to drive growth and innovation in a competitive industry.

However, Rajiv’s heart always remained tied to fishing. Recognizing a gap in the market for a comprehensive angling app, he leveraged his marketing expertise to create Elite Fishin, the first fishing app of its kind in the region. Launched at the prestigious Dubai International Boat Show in 2024, Elite Fishin offers anglers a platform to share their catches, discover new fishing spots, and access real-time weather updates​. The app has quickly gained traction, becoming one of the top-rated apps among fishing enthusiasts in the UAE, with thousands of downloads already reported.

Rajiv’s vision for Elite Fishin goes beyond providing a service; he is dedicated to creating a vibrant community for anglers. His goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared knowledge within the fishing community by connecting like-minded enthusiasts. His story is a testament to how a childhood passion, combined with professional expertise, can lead to groundbreaking innovations that resonate with a wider audience. Rajiv’s journey continues to inspire others, demonstrating that with dedication and vision, it’s possible to transform a beloved hobby into a thriving enterprise.

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