High Jewellery Collection Carte Blanche Holographique

To capture the beauty of the ephemeral, transcribing its fleeting emotion without words, this is the challenge that Claire Choisne, Creative Director at Maison Boucheron, once again set herself. Claire Choisne was inspired by the work on light and color by artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Luis Barragan. The High Jewellery collection places the holographic as it central theme.

The collection encompasses nine sets, which include twenty-five unique pieces that delve into the very roots of this photosensitive phenomenon and its Greek etymology, which means ‘to represent everything’. While the iridescent reliefs of opal initially outline the contours of this natural hyper-pigmentation, the workshops of the 26 Vendôme Maison have had to surpass their own limits to explore the full richness of this mirage.
By spraying precious metals at high temperature onto ceramics or rock crystal, they have succeeded

in recreating a natural magic through a process that is able to cement what is traditionally a fleeting moment in time. This is truly a tour de force of creative audacity taken to its climax; even to the point of having to forego complete mastery over the end result – ever-changing structures which are destined to vary depending on brightness, the viewing angle and contrast with the skin, the effects and influence of which all evolve over time.

A radical and euphoric release, which goes against the particular discipline which defines French High Jewellery, except of course, it matches the very spirit advocated by Frédéric Boucheron. The freedom to create above all else. In this issue, we focus on the Holographique pieces.

From the Greek holos and graphein. Holography therefore means “to represent everything”

A true stroke of brilliance that celebrates the magic of the material, this necklace of fine crystal blades was created whilst the sun light streamed into the workshops reproducing the design of the projected shadows and studying its structure.

The result was a graphic line guided by this light, which is not only at the heart of the piece’s inspiration but also of its creation. From the cuff to the ring including the plastron, the brilliance of the diamonds that adorn each edge of this lacquered necklace with the holographic coating make it a genuinely avant-garde set.

Bracelet set with a 14.93 ct cushion-cut pink tourmaline and holographic rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

Necklace set with a 20.21 ct octogonal yellow sapphire from Ceylon and holographic rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

Ring set with a 4.61 ct oval blue tourmaline and holographic rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

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