Fortinet’s Latest Firewall Integrates Networking and Security in a Single Platform to Protect Any Edge and Large Remote Workforces

FortiGate 2600F offers up to 10x higher performance enabled by Fortinet SPUs, allows customers to replace multiple point products to reduce cost and complexity

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced the FortiGate 2600F, Fortinet’s latest network firewall that enables security-driven networking to protect multiple edges including hybrid data centers, multi-cloud environments and large-scale remote workforces.

John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet said, “Enterprise organizations are accelerating their digital innovation initiatives while also having to secure a remote and hybrid workforce. In this complex environment, deploying enterprise-class security anywhere is essential. Fortinet’s security-driven networking approach accelerates the convergence of networking and security to protect any edge, including enterprise data center, WAN, and cloud edges – all from a single network firewall platform.”

Powered by Fortinet’s purpose-built security processing units (SPUs), NP7 and CP9, the FortiGate 2600F offers some of the highest performance figures in the industry with Security Compute Ratings of up to 10 times higher than competitor solutions to enable the following use cases for large enterprises:

  • Highspeed cloud on-ramps: The FortiGate 2600F enables highly secure and extremely fast cloud on-ramps to connect enterprise data centers to multiple cloud environments, allowing organizations to effectively use cloud-based applications to analyze big data.
  • Protect any edge at any scale: The FortiGate 2600F provides full visibility with SSL inspection (including TLS1.3), detects unauthorized applications and threats, and protects users and data that traverse through hybrid data center environments to manage external risks. FortiGate 2600F offers hardware-accelerated resiliency through IPv4 and IPv6 DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) metering for flooding attacks to ensure business continuity for services edge.
  • Flexibility to empower large remote workforces: The FortiGate 2600F is engineered for flexibility to enable a large remote workforce to come online with speed and productivity. The FortiGate 2600F ensures confidentiality and integrity of sensitive company data in transit and monitoring to align with an organization’s existing cybersecurity. The FortiGate 2600F offers an average of 9x faster IPsec VPN to allow organizations to implement business continuity while sustaining ongoing operations.
  • Simplify operations and realize better ROI: A recent Fortinet survey of cybersecurity leaders showed almost 70% of organizations are concerned about insider threats. FortiGate 2600F combines segmentation, SD-WAN and network firewall capabilities in a single compact platform to help large enterprises reduce complexity, simplify operations and take advantage of ROI benefits. The 2600F also reduces the attack surface through segmentation and protects corporate data and business applications with AI/ML-powered FortiGuard Labs Services. FortiGate 2600F enables hardware-accelerated VXLAN segmentation to enable secure and super-fast communication within hybrid IT architectures leveraging Virtual Extension LAN (VXLAN).

FortiGate 2600F vs. Competitors

Below is a comparison of the top network firewalls on the market against the FortiGate 2600F series. Security Compute Rating is a benchmark (performance multiplier) that compares FortiGate performance versus the industry average of competing products across various categories that fall within the same price band.

SpecificationFortiGate 2601FIndustry  AverageSecurity Compute RatingPalo Alto Networks PA-5220Check Point SG-6700Cisco FPR-2140Juniper Networks SRX4100
Firewall198Gbps 29Gbps7xN/A26Gbps20Gbps40Gbps
IPsec VPN55Gbps 5.9Gbps9x11Gbps4.61Gbps3.2Gbps5Gbps
Threat Protection 20Gbps7.9Gbps2.5x10Gbps5.8GbpsN/AN/A
SSL Inspection 20Gbps1.7Gbps10x1.9Gbps1N/A1.4GbpsN/A
Concurrent  Sessions24M3.5M7x4M2M3M5M​ ​
Connections Per Second900k167k5x180k164k75k250k

1NSS Labs NGFW 2019 Performance Comparative Report

Powered by Security-Driven Networking and the Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet security processing units (SPUs), including the NP7 and CP9, are engineered to radically increase the speed, scale, performance, efficiency and value of Fortinet solutions while greatly improving user experience, reducing footprint, and lowering power requirements. Fortinet solutions, including the FortiGate 2600F, deliver security-driven networking and a platform approach via the Fortinet Security Fabric, which converges networking and security across the entire connected environment and provides protection whether on-premise, virtual or cloud-based environments using any device or application.

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