Formula Woman Nations Cup Set To Bridge

The first-ever Formula Woman Nations Cup is set to make its debut in the Middle East in December 2024 with the mission to power women motorsports right to the top of the podium. The event will witness 50 drivers representing 26 different nations compete for international glory plus two recruited from the Middle East specifically via a bootcamp later this year.

The diverse roster has been curated through a rigorous selection process right out of the Formula Woman Driver’s Academy. A training school launched in 2003 that to date has seen thousands of female drivers hone their skills and conquer the ranks in the racing world.

Formula Woman Nations Cup is widening the competitive scope by selecting two Arabian female drivers to represent the region. The selection call will be extended to established women racers across the Middle East. The last two Formula Woman drivers will be chosen through a comprehensive bootcamp that puts their abilities to the ultimate test. The initiative undertaken by the organization is a testament to their values and a significant throttle towards advancing women motorsports in the region.

On the weekend of December 13th – 15th, 50 of the best will take it to the asphalt not only to win, but to position women motorsports as a landmark sporting event on the global map. The three-day sensation, aside from the thrilling laps, will consist of a range of activities, entertainment and F&B for the guests to enjoy.

What will truly distinguish the Formula Woman Nations Cup weekend is “The Summit”. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with prominent female speakers, participating in thought-provoking panels and live discussions. Albeit a racing competition, “The Summit” represents the initial stride by Formula Woman Nations Cup in breaking down gender barriers across media, business and sports, with the overarching goal of enabling women to realize their ultimate potential.

Over the last century, women in motorsport have lived in the shadows of their male counterparts. It was not until the last decade when the racing industry have begun to action platforms that are determined to change the reality and level the playing field. Formula Woman Nations Cup being the first-ever female-led global GT motorsport competition, forges ahead to shift the gender narrative on the racing track. The highly anticipated weekend will prove to be a catalytic force to the movement.

Formula Woman Nations Cup is set to ignite engines December 13th – 15th 2024.

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