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Coralie Charriol Paul – Creative Director, Acting CEO and Executive Chairwoman at Charriol

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Coralie Charriol Paul sits at the helm of prestigious luxury timepieces, fine jewelry, and accessories Maison, Charriol, founded in 1983 by her father, the French entrepreneur Phillipe Charriol. As Creative Director, Executive Chairwoman and Acting CEO of the company, Coralie sets the strategic and creative priorities for the business, pursuing her father’s legacy in guiding the boundless evolution of the house.

Coralie’s immediate goals are to bridge the gap between the brands’ e-commerce platform and its brick-and-mortar and grow Charriol’s digital reach, to redesign the house’s iconic St. Tropez watch, and to release several jewelry collections, a cable watch bracelet for the Apple watch, and new watch dial animations. 

We interview Coralie to get insights on how she gets inspired curating watches, handbags, and she how fuels her passion in gemology and design.

How did you get interested in jewelry industry?

For me, jewelry is a family affair. My father worked in the industry, and I grew up around his creative energy, constantly designing new watches and jewelry collections in his home office. After graduating from Tufts University in Boston, I joined the family business – first on the creative team and then taking on more business management as time went on. I do think there is something about having grown up around watchmakers and watch lovers that gives you an edge. 

Tell us a bit about Charriol, the origins and USPs?

Charriol was founded by my father, Philippe, four decades ago. We are a family-owned, family-run company so there is a lot of authenticity and passion behind everything we do. Our motto is “L’Art de Vivre la Difference”, and I think that really embodies the Charriol ethos – to live a life with meaning and purpose, but also with a bit of flair. Our pieces are all handmade and of the highest quality materials, but we design for everyday easy wear, nothing precious that feels out-of-touch with modern life. Saint Tropez has always held a special place in the brand story, the easy, casual luxury of a French seaside town. 

Is there a style that got you motivated to start designing?

I have always had a hand in our creative process, but in the last few years had the opportunity to revisit and relaunch some of our classic, best-selling watches. This year, we launched the St Tropez 20, 25 and 30 – updating some of the hardware and offering a really lovely mix of colorways. I think our house codes are very strong and so I get a lot of ideas from just revisiting the archives. 

Are there any fashion accessories you can’t live without?

I start everyday with my watch and build my look around that. I am so lucky to have a really wonderful collection, so I have something for every mood and occasion. I also love earrings and think they go so far in brightening up a look. Everything else is built on those two pieces. Then I top of the look with sunglasses, et voila!

What is the driving force behind your success

I really believe in action. Even if you make mistakes, the best thing you can do is to just keep moving. I’m a morning person and I do my best thinking then. But really it’s about believing in yourself and knowing that as long as you’re putting in the work, things fall into place. 

What are some current trends that interest you?

Our Mariner Collection features some incredible linked chains that have been very popular, and I think are very on trend. It is interesting to see mixed metals being used more often. I love that style. 

Any key challenges you face in your job?

We are a small team and I wear many hats. It keeps me motivated and really energized, but it’s a lot to take on while raising three kids and taking care of myself. But ultimately, I’m a people person and I believe in hiring a good team and staying nimble and creative.          

Do you have a role model or someone you admire in your field?

Diane von Furstenberg. She is the pinnacle. Gracious, stylish, generous, and fierce. 

Any upcoming plans and projects/collections?

Of course! We’re always thinking of the future. We have some really special watches coming out in 2023 and 2024. And I am really excited about the work we’re doing on digital. Maybe a Charriol TikTok isn’t far off.

What do you love most about your job? 

When I get to travel and meet the many people who have remained loyal to the brand and really understand the spirit of Charriol, I feel so grateful to have dedicated my life to this company that my dad founded. Owning your own business means never really turning off, but in those moments, it’s very worth all the hard work. 

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