Exciting Drive Experiences: Cadillac CT4

By Shereen Shabnam

Motoring enthusiasts usually find more drive enjoyment in RWD vehicles as it provides the perfect balance between the AWD and FWD configurations and this is undeniably the first thing we notice in the CT4 specially when we navigate corners plus we had a really nice experience driving up the Jebel Jais mountains.

The engine of CT4 delivers power to the rear wheels, while the front wheels manages the steering and the drive experience hence different than the usual feeling when you are in the driver’s seat. The performance feels effortless. The new electric power steering has also been fine-tuned to ensure immediate response and optimal feedback.

This dynamic excellence of RWD performance is also signaled in the exterior design. The hood is long, while the rear haunches reflect the fact that power goes to the back wheels. They also have near perfect front to rear weight distribution.

The CT4’s contemporary interior reflects sculptural and sophisticated details wrapped around a driver-centric cockpit.

To ensure that the power is transmitted to the ground in a safe manner, and to enable dynamic balance, CT4 has a premium chassis and suspension system. Cadillac’s fourth-generation Magnetic Ride Control suspension, which reads the road and driving conditions constantly and can manage damping while in motion, thus delivers a more secure and enjoyable experience.

When driving in busy streets, down the hills and even in busy highways, braking is equally as important as acceleration in a performance sedan, and CT4 delivers amply on that front. To rein in the power, it comes equipped with a high-performance braking system that ensures maximum safety.

As an engaging RWD vehicle, Cadillac CT4 has other features such as mechanical limited-slip rear differential and performance traction management to enhance driving pleasure. Furthermore, drivers have the option to personalize their vehicle’s performance through the new V-Mode.

This is particularly useful if you want less intrusive traction control or want to enhance steering response. It also enables owners to set up their CT4 to their liking and driving style, while enjoying its RWD performance.

The Cadillac CT4 is certainly an exciting compact sedan in its class and it appeals to keen drivers. And with the modern technologies, they have brought a lot of fun back in driving. We certainly enjoyed the drive experience across the different Emirates.

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