Excellence in Service Innovation

Hakan Ozel, General Manager – Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

Service innovation is a continuous improvement effort that is donated to the exchange of relationships. It is just as important as the product itself, and certainly its beauty. This relationship, if actively conducted and participated, helps to strengthen the brand experience that is naturally the most required following its promise. Uncompromising focus on exciting and delighting the customers in an innovative service manner is the way to win the game in an ever-changing environment, as we experience today.

Continuous Improvement

Considering tomorrow, it is a risk for organizations to remain same as today. Strategies must be reviewed and plans should be revisited consistently while bearing in mind that what is served today might be common tomorrow for the customers. To achieve this, fresh ideas need to be brought from outside to inside to remain relevant. It is the primary responsibility of the executives since there are plenty of those innovative ideas out to inspire. The constant work on improvement must be considered and motivated by the leadership. Particularly in luxury organizations, passion and emotion drives the innovation in service.

Culture: Central focus

It is very challenging to establish the innovative way of service and achieve the set of business goals in a consistent manner without the strong elements of an organization’s culture. The most successful companies, which are recognized with their service quality and reputation, have impressive and decades of established organizational culture. Innovative service should be an integrated part of the organization’s culture, which should be embraced as the living element in daily business life.  

Attitude is Luxury

Innovative service requires passionate talent. Attitude is everything – it is the luxury for whichever business is conducted! Employees must own the business. They share the responsibility of keeping the customers’ dreams alive and making them happen. They should be kept motivated and engaged continuously. In this way, they can pour their energy in the company, serve the customers in an engaged manner, support and embrace the innovative service culture, and eventually improve the customer loyalty.

Effects of Marketing

Today’s customers constantly seek something new, fresh and healthy with an exceptional level of service, particularly in luxury organizations. Constant update on products and services will keep customers excited and stop them to look for alternatives. Once this has been achieved, marketing should kick-in. Segmentation, marketing and selling become crucial. Great products don’t guarantee the results! Many dies because of a failure in promotion, bragging out what the organizations acquire to offer, but keep them as the most luxurious hidden treasure. Companies spend too much time developing the products, but relatively little time in marketing and selling them.

Value as a proposition

Value proposition is an important part of the innovative service. Emotional bound in loyal manner that the customers have with the brand is a very critical key to success. Customers may question the value that the organization is giving and that they might like to know the benefits when they will buy the products and services of the organization instead of the competitors’. Innovative service in an experience manner will help to add the value, as the companies should focus on all the time.


Service innovation is a key driver in business excellence of today and should be considered by all organizations.

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