Etiquette Intellegence: The Foundation of business culture

By Hakan Ozel

As a luxury hotel operator with twenty-five years of experience, I consider ETIQUETTE as the foundation of business and social life.

It is deeply furnished with manners, consideration between people and how these manners affect each person. It encompasses the rules of politeness and good behavior as old as humanity itself, and changes as time passes by.

‘Being ethical in the workplace, working and living with manners, grooming and appearance, relationships with co-workers and superiors, appearing in business and social events, dining manners, and communication courtesy’ are just some samples of the etiquette, which helps to describe and build-up the personal branding.     

In today’s world, etiquette is not about opening the door for a person, or helping a lady to sit as you pull the chair, but it is a powerful and wonderful tool that helps to change and enhance the personal and professional life, and the lives of those who are around you and this is what is considered as ‘etiquette intelligence’.

There was, I am sure, times that you had some doubts about your behavior in business or life in a way that you thought they were improper, and hence you felt uncomfortable. To avoid this self-doubt, etiquette intelligence is a valuable strength and open to improvement all time.

Etiquette is not just memorizing the rules. It is definitely adopting to a mindset in which you think about and consider the others and their needs as much as you think about yourselves and what you need. Courtesy, helpfulness and anticipation becomes an integral part of yourself and business character, as we experience in the hotel business everyday.

When you know and follow etiquette rules and traditions, particularly at a place where etiquette must flow smoothly (like in a luxury hotel), you demonstrate respect, build personal and business relationships more easily, and life flows more smoothly.

The rules of etiquette can be a common language that is spoken by all successful people in business and social life. You can become very fluent in etiquette, and appear to be an ambassador in an environment where you work and live in, and represent.

People make choices in their personal and business lives as they feel convenient. They choose to spend time with people they like and respect, and people who show consideration and promote graciousness.

No matter how formal or informal the workplace might be, good etiquette skills are absolutely necessary for professional success and positive workplace. Knowing how to behave in a wide variety of professional settings makes you a more pleasant, confident, and enjoyable person to work with, and makes business more promising and successful. People may not remember your name, but they will remember your etiquette.

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