Essence of Luxury: Attitude & Behavior

When we talk about luxury, we talk about and mainly focus on product. We talk little about luxury services. Since there is not much articulation about the luxury services, as a result, it may be hard to define the luxury services. There are two significances of luxury service: It is either complementing the product that customers buy, which is the luxury brand experience, or a segment, category itself within the services to provide to customers. Therefore, it is critical to define these two concepts first to create luxury experiences.

Pure luxury service is a very important part of the fast-growing service sector in the world. After buying and acquiring luxury goods, luxury customers dream about moments of luxury to define their experiences.

When we ask people about their luxury dreams, it will not be surprising to hear that they will dream of staying in a luxury hotel’s suite or being in nature while indulging the senses, more so than buying another high-end car. At the same time, they will also talk about time as a luxury, which cannot be shelved, stored, or repurchased – what has gone, has gone! We so often hear that people wish to have more time, spare time to make some of their dreams come true. Therefore, it is critical to define luxury and luxury service.

Extraordinary service and attitude can build the reputation of a brand if it possesses the most certain and sharp elements like anticipation, empathy, efficiency, goodwill, engagement, care, and so on. There are many elements in luxury service that govern the true nature of it. Of course, elements like location, atmosphere, design, architecture, brand value, ingredient quality, differentiation, and sentimental offers are important and the combination of all will create luxury products and experiences.

However, without a correct attitude and behavior, you cannot dream, create, plan, organize, and execute any of these elements. The answer to the question of “What makes the service luxury?” should be “It makes a difference what attitude and behavior is”. “Attitude and behavior” with all required and mindset elements gathered in and around to provide the greatest luxury service is, without a doubt, the greatest luxury itself and the rarest to find. 

Perfect levels of service require perfect skills. These skills are critical to be considered in identifying and selecting luxury service staff to work in luxury service enterprises. However, hiring and retaining excellent staff who demonstrate a perfect luxury attitude and behavior is the most critical organizational strategy when it comes to luxury services. The organizations which give great interest and put continuous emphasis on attitude and behavior are on the right direction to provide luxury experiences to customers. Creativity, innovation, technology, the sum of which is called “differentiation” are certainly critical. However, they will be meaningless if there is a lack of attitude and behavior.

Luxury means offering plenty in an expensive and limited manner while distributing comfort, delight, and satisfaction for customers. This must be at a continuous and sustained level in terms of consistency. When a luxury service company is recommended to customers or when the customers experience the service of the luxury brand, they have high expectations in line with brand’s reputation. Fulfilling the expectations after purchasing the luxury good and receiving superlative service directly is possible only through the correct attitude and behavior of staff.

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