Earth Of One Eight Set to Revolutionize Retail Landscape in Middle East Region with Immersive Customer Experiences

Innovative 9m x 3m walk-in pod with abstract geometric face, aims to capture imagination of retailers, customers with latest technology analytics

Futuristic concept aligns with Smart Dubai 2021 initiative to transform Dubai into a futuristic destination

In a bid to bring customers up close and personal to their favorite retail brands and allow them to engage with the brands in insightful and fun ways, Earth Of One Eight (EOO8), an innovative new age hybrid retail concept, today announced its Middle East launch, starting with Dubai. The new age retail concept aligns seamlessly with the ambitious Smart Dubai 2021 initiative that aims to transform Dubai into a futuristic, world-leading destination city where government transactions are 100 percent digitalized and the people are among the happiest in the world. E008 is set to offer smart brand retail solutions to brands with the aim to create luxury retail experiences.

Earth Of One Eight is an 9m x 3m walk-in mobile pod with an abstract geometric face that offers brands the opportunity and flexibility to connect with and immerse themselves in communities to dramatically increase awareness and brand recall. Retailers can showcase their products in the interior of the pod in a frictionless ambiance.

The hybrid retail concept seamlessly blends online and offline retail experiences and enables brands to boost the elusive aspect of ‘audience delight’ that is largely absent in the prevailing hard-sell retail landscape. EOO8 elevates the retail experience and is able to track data for brands such as walk-ins, interests, and products testing, among others.

Speaking on the radical retail development, Fareda Ali, Founder of EOO8, explained her vision: “I have always been fascinated by the traditional trailer truck concept that brings exclusive brands into town to give the local community some exotic retail experiences. Earth Of One Eight was born through putting a sophisticated spin on this idea and introducing technology into the mix. In many ways, Earth Of One Eight is a nostalgic ode to the bygone age of one-on-one retail – when retail was a more intimate and intuitive experience.

“With this game-changing pod, we hope to transform the way retail is consumed in the region. Manufactured right here in the UAE, and ensuring a frictionless approach, the breakthrough pods can be leased by retailers’ keen to understand what their customers think about their brand through introducing immersive experiences. EOO8 can also help test waters ahead of the launch of new products in the region, or simply assist in gauging the market penetration achieved. With the efforts to realize Smart Dubai 2021 gaining momentum and given the scaling up of digitalization during the pandemic, I believe technology is here to stay in all aspects of our life – and will particularly transform the retail scene.”

For the very first time in the region, through leveraging cutting-edge technology such as a magic mirror, touch sensors, augmented reality, holograms, social media filters, motion mapping, and projection mapping, EOO8 offers retailers and brands clear analytics on their customers’ preferences and interests captured through their engagement with the brand. This learning can significantly inform brand positioning and lead to greater flexibility and personalization in promoting the brand from one community to the next.

Fareda Ali added: “Retail today is so much more than just buying and selling – it has the ability to inform, educate, create awareness and connect like never before. Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you knew exactly what your target customer is seeking and are able to meet this need without any confusion. We envision EOO8 appealing to the high-end luxury retailers who are not afraid to experiment with this revolutionary urban trend. Customers are already rejecting two-dimensional hard-core selling that is pushed at them purely for monetary gain. This user-friendly interface offers them enriching and memorable experiences that will make a world of difference.”

Currently targeting the retail sector, EOO8 has its sights set on other industries in the future based on demand. EOO8 has for its overarching goal the objective of extending novel ways of brand engagement and customer delight through redefining personalized, seamless, efficient, and impactful experiences at every touchpoint.

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