Dubai is Set to Open New Polo Season

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club and Perridon Holdings Announce Exclusive Polo Season Opening Cup

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club (DPEC), in an exclusive partnership with Perridon Holdings, a pioneering conglomerate known for its ultra-luxurious real estate ventures and their highly-anticipated Bugatti museum, is excited to announce the season-opening Polo Cup Final, taking place on 11th November 2023.

Michel J.C.W Perridon, Founder & Chairman of Perridon Holdings, seeks to bridge the rich history of polo with the inspiration derived from Bugatti – a brand rooted in equestrian beginnings. Signifying Perridon Holdings’ commitment to tradition, luxury, and innovation, this highly anticipated event will feature four competitive teams and will serve as a celebration of the brand’s enduring partnership with Emaar, a conglomerate that continues to shape Dubai’s landscape.

Mr. Michel Perridon stated, “Our journey with Emaar has been nothing short of remarkable and we feel this is only the beginning of an even more symbiotic partnership. I have always been enamoured by the power and elegance of Bugatti, a brand that traces its origins back to the world of horses. I see polo as the perfect confluence of horsepower and heritage, a reflection of Bugatti’s transition from one horsepower to a staggering 1,600, marking the pinnacle and evolution of combustion engines. Through our sponsorship of this new polo season, Perridon Holdings aims to celebrate this blend of tradition and innovation, horsepower and agility, in a sport that resonates with our own ethos. After all, the essence of horsepower has evolved, but its spirit remains unchanged, be it in the world’s fastest cars or on the polo field.”

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, a part of Emaar Hospitality Group, is honoured to host this event, and Emaar Spokesperson emphasised the significance of this partnership. “We are immensely proud to collaborate with Perridon Holdings for this year’s season-opening Polo Cup Final. This partnership is a tribute to the tradition and elegance that polo embodies. Together, we’re elevating the game to new heights of luxury and innovation, offering our spectators an unparalleled experience deeply rooted in history. At DPEC, partnering with distinguished brands for our season opener has been a hallmark for years, and this collaboration with Perridon Holdings continues that legacy of excellence.”

Ms. Lisa Matthews, General Manager of Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “The collaboration with Perridon Holdings for our season-opening Polo Cup Final is a partnership that not only honours the sport’s rich history but also unites polo teams from across the UAE in a singular, grand sporting event. The meticulous preparation of our horses and facilities is second to none, ensuring that our members and guests will experience another exhilarating polo season.”

On the day of the final, DPEC will offer the general public an opportunity to experience the ultimate Polo Cup of the month with a brunch priced at AED 179 per adult, available only at the Dubai Polo Bar. Private bookings can be made through the Lifestyle and Events team at the club.

The season-opening Perridon Holdings Polo tournament promises to be a groundbreaking event, uniting tradition, luxury, and innovation. With a shared vision, Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club and Perridon Holdings are set to offer an unparalleled experience to polo enthusiasts, truly encapsulating the ethos of ‘The Sport of Kings’ in the modern age.

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