Driven by Design: The Art of curating good food with good vibes at Salties

Eric Richard

Restaurants understand that providing great service is the key to happy customers and hospitality entrepreneurs, especially restaurant owners have started to channel their energy into key service elements by focussing on creating happy and vibrant venues that are also environmentally conscious with a soul instead on creating spaces that are similar to other venues around the city.

There is an increase in demand for sustainable alternatives and recycling with many dining establishments adapting this practice. Making a business eco-friendly is beneficial to the environment and using recycled materials in both restaurant furniture and design is trending as more patrons search for experiences where they can be themselves in a laid back, chilled environment with friends and family.

As a vibrant city that adopts the latest trends from around the world, Dubai is also embracing design spaces that add character to a venue. Hence, after birthing two Michelin stars in Milan and Monforte d’Alba, an Italian Architect, Designer and Tourism Entrepreneur has partnered with an English Radio Presenter, an Emirati Entrepreneur, a Fijian Writer and an Egyptian Restaurateur to bring Salties, a new concept restaurant in an eco-sustainable urban design.

The partners at Salties are advocates of style, comfort, craftsmanship, and practicality. As you enter Salties, a huge mural by Kenyan painter Castro depicts groups of lazing bathers which immediately brings you into a state of relaxation which is the foremost goal of this venue.

Immediately catching the visitor’s eye is the bar counter constructed from the props used in the construction sites of the city’s skyscrapers – it stands out from the sea-facing windows of the new eatery. The aim is clearly to cultivate a culture of balancing of the new with the old and an awareness for supporting initiatives that are environment friendly.

The rustic deck board floors are expertly crafted by wood craftsmen and reflects the work of ancient wooden designs. The recycled chairs and tables emit a unique visual flair and personality to the design of Salties. The natural beauty of wood offers an abundance of charm and brings the furniture to life as reclaimed wood is a great option for adding character to a restaurant without compromising on the budget.

An unpretentious venue, Salties laid back and chilled out DNA is embodied in the abandoned, lived in and reborn furniture surrounded by books and drinks allowing guests to relive lost time and find themselves. The goal is to enrich the experience of customers, making them feel good in a place that characterizes the environment with objects and furniture made with recycled materials and materials from renewable sources.

An amazing feature is the imaginary sand bridge that forms the outlines of the ancient floors and takes you directly to the beach beyond. All these little touches are about transporting guests to their happy memories and creating more memorable experiences that delights them within a warm and friendly space.

Salties is a design driven kitchen set in a space that perfectly unites the soul of Dubai through a combination good food, good vibes and vibrant colors and materials.

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