Drive with Confidence – Genesis GV80

Shereen Shabnam

Driving the GV 80, the new elegant SUV from Genesis saw us pushing the limits of style and performance on the road. Equipped with a full suite of intuitive technology, all-road capability, luxurious comfort for all passengers, and a design that stops you in your tracks, the GV80 was a delight to drive both in the USA and on the streets of Dubai.


Every inch of the GV80 is crafted to evoke a feeling of limitless possibility. Designed with the mantra “less is more,” the interior highlights the beauty of white space and offers available VIP amenities like second row heated, ventilated and power reclining seats. The G-Matrix design pattern inspired by illuminated diamonds can be spotted throughout.

The cabin is designed with two complementary tones or all black, and a center console adorned with available genuine wood trim in Olive Ash or Metallic Pore Filler Ash. It’s a premium look that creates a feeling of both comfort and adventure.


The exterior exudes athletic elegance while delivering a punctuating presence. The GV80’s striking exterior is largely attributed to its eye-catching lighting design. The full LED quad headlights shine like diamonds as two bands of light continue around the sides of the vehicle to create a wrap-around effect, visually extending to the tail lamps.

Theuniquely designed 22-inch alloy wheels with all-season tires enhance the GV80’s performance and all-road capabilities, maximizing the connection between the hands on the wheel and the road.

It is designed with a low profile, a wide dominant stance, and offers abundant cargo space behind the second row. The sculpted front bumper and high-set grille evoke an overall sense of strength.


Whether you’re on the road less traveled or tackling your daily commute, the GV80 is wired with brilliant, user-friendly technology and drive assist features for a fun drive. The GV80 allows you to stand safely aside while it intelligently helps park itself, whether it’s backing into a tight space or sliding itself into a nearly impossible parallel spot.


This next-generation infotainment screen puts a world of simple-to-use controls within easy reach, activated by voice recognition, or even with your handwriting. The wide-view angle touchscreen features a floating design for outstanding visibility.

A vehicle is only as good as its ability to protect you, and the GV80 excels with an impressive, advanced safety suite. Not only do these features cover the full spectrum of potential hazards, but they also come standard.

When you’re driving along a non-divided highway, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist can also help prevent collisions with oncoming vehicles if you drift into the opposing lane with its Lane-Change Oncoming feature.


The GV80’s ultra-fast 8-speed transmission with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters seamlessly delivers power from engine to wheels, providing great acceleration from a standstill and optimal fuel economy.

The GV80 is equipped with high-performance capabilities that make for fun, powerful and uncompromised drives, on or off road. It packs 300 horsepower 2.5-liter turbocharged engine and 3.5L twin-turbo with V6 engine. The GV80 confidently delivers a balanced and powerful performance for sheer driving pleasure.

The GV 80 can handle all types of terrain with five drive options, including Comfort, Snow, Eco, Sport and Custom.

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