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By Shereen Shabnam

Hästens recently opened its flagship store in Dubai, in partnership with The Mattress Store Group offering residents the finest handcrafted exclusive beds, expertly crafted to provide the best quality of sleep. We meet with Ludovic Létrillart, Regional Director IMEA of Hästens to find out more about the brand, its history and why it is the perfect investment for those who value a good night’s sleep.

Give us some background on the Hastens brand?
Hästens was founded in 1852 and has a rich history that started in and around the Swedish town of Köping and the founders evolved from being master saddlers to being Royal purveyors. We make the best handcrafted beds in the world, using only premium sustainable natural materials and techniques handed down through six generations.

What drove you to the bedding industry?
Personal relationships. I came in contact with a senior member at Hästens’and found the brand values attractive and wanted to do good for people who craved for a good night’s rest. Sustainability was another driving factor as the brand offered a product that is used for a long time.

When did Hästens venture into the UAE market?
We were here before but it was May 2021 when the first flagship Hästens store opened on Sheikh Zayed Road. Here we showcase an instore Sleep Spa where individual and Private Sleep Consultations are performed by a dedicated Sleep Coach. The visitors are able to immerse themselves into the world of Hästens and to test and feel the brand’s ultimate bed collections, linens, duvets and pillows. Under the guidance of the brand’s Sleep Coaches, customers do a Blind Test in order to identify their unique sleep needs.

What USP’s do you focus on to maintain ground in the UAE which is highly value luxury driven market?
We continually improvise on solutions to ensure it fits the client’s needs. We have sleep coaches on board who work on customer needs by asking questions that eventually help us ensure they have improved sleep health and wellbeing.

Do you have plans to expand the retail footprint with new outlets?
The region is full of potential and we have built the store as a destination and a tool to showcase and promote the brand complete with designers and architects who can help customers based on their living environment at home.

How is your customer base in terms of growth since opening here?
We started in Ramadan but the feedback has been good. Our mission is to help the world sleep better and live a better life and are committed to keep fulfilling our clients search for excellence, quality and better living and in essence, everyone needs a restful night’s sleep so growth has been to our satisfaction. People nowadays spend more time at home and prefer improving the quality of home space due to the pandemic and making it more comfortable.

Can you tell us more about your collections?
We showcase what it really takes to embark on a good night sleep so we offer bespoke beds, collection of sleep spa items and bedding accessories like mattress protectors, linen collections that offer different items for optimum levels of comfort using aesthetical elements that respond to different sleep requirements. We are also introducing soon the Hästens Sleep Spa, a hotel concept where guests can enjoy world class sleep, in the quaint Portuguese city of Coimbra.

Tell us more about the Hästens Sleep Spa?
We have fifteen unique rooms where guests can spend the night on the world’s best bed with a customized pillow selection for the complete Hästens’ experience. We have trained staff there who can help educate and guide guests to the ultimate sleep experience with choice of pillows that provide proper support for the neck and spine and infinitely get a better night’s rest.

What are other USP’s of Hästens that guests can expect?
They can expect beds that are made with the finest craftmanship using only the best natural materials for a full well being experience focused of body and mind, specially with the library. We use horsetail hair, which transport moisture so that the body can regulate the temperature around it. The use of cotton and wool contribute to an optimal sleeping climate, so that users fall asleep faster. We use flax, which diverts and prevents static electricity from occurring, also providing a quite sleep environment and slow growing northern pine, which gives stability that lasts for generations.

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