Discover Harmony & Chemistry in One Luxurious Box

LOOTAH, UAE’s leading contemporary perfumery has launched its magnificent new ‘Velvet Blend’ range. Featuring three customisable gift sets, the ‘Velvet Blend’ range allows you to choose your favourite fragrant treasures from LOOTAH’s stunning selection of enchanting perfumes, incredible incenses, and fragrant ouds and oils, to be placed inside an exquisitely crafted, beautifully scented, luxurious velvet box.  

Velvet Blend 1:

Some call it harmony, some call it chemistry; LOOTAH simply calls it ‘Velvet Blend 1’. A gift set that allows you to add three items from LOOTAH’s selction of fragrances: one perfume, one fragrant oil and one incense or fragrant oud, which are put inside an incredibly luxurious box made of velvet to match your mood.

Velvet Blend 2:

Find all the passion under one cover with LOOTAH’s timeless ‘Velvet Blend 2’. This exclusive perfume set gives you the choice of your favourite perfumes to place inside a beautifually scented velvet box.

Velvet Blend 3

Enjoy all the joy and enchantment that comes with ‘Velvet Blend 3’ from LOOTAH. Choose three of LOOTAH’s best fragrant creations: a perfume for him, a perfume for her, and a perfume for him and her⁠, all carefully placed in an exquisitely crafted velvet box.

You can purchase your ‘Velvet Blend’ gift set online with shipping now also available to Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Alternatively, you can pop into your local store for your gift set and browse through LOOTAH’s extensive array of aromas.

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