Digital Health Middle East Conference sets the stage for the new decade and future health care delivery

Digital Health Middle East 2020, held at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa on the 24th of February will be engaging key stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. Held for the past five years in Scandinavia, this is the first time the conference gathers in Dubai to present intelligent design, pioneering technologies, advance clinical services and personalised care to improve outcomes, reduce costs and prioritise on prevention.

“This conference will address studies, hands-on cases and latest technology utilisation for future healthcare delivery, defining digital strategies, service improvement, ethical flows of data and secure, personalised care. Digital Health in itself will provide more accurate health outcomes and better patient experiences” – Johan Ehrstrom, CEO of Digital Health Middle East 2020.

Meet 250+ peers from across the ecosystem, and 20+ global speakers for a dialogue, vital insights and networking as this C-level hub facilitates knowledge exchange and game-changing strategies. Digital Health Middle East brings C-level attendees including executives and CXO’s, governmental department heads, hospital leaders, nurse leaders, regulators, technologists, futurists and entrepreneurs.

In the new decade, Digital Health will reform the industry with preventive information and new care solutions. Exponential technologies will increase access and improve how care will be delivered with the highest levels of safety, quality and patient experience, at the lowest cost.

Attendees will discover the powers of AI, machine learning and robotics among pioneering technologies affecting healthcare delivery, get hands-on case studies, objective insights, real-world scenarios and accurate foresight on the future of digital health.

Private sector participants can register on for USD 795 including materials, case examples, food & beverage and valet. Public sector attendees can register for USD 495.

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