Cultivating Trust with consumers

Salim M A – Director Lulu Group

As a multichannel grocer, we find that trust is the foundation of a successful business, especially when supported by online retail. If customers are comfortable buying from a grocer in physical hypermarkets, chances are they will be more comfortable buying from the same grocer online.

Building a trustworthy retail entity takes years as consumers tend to treat businesses the same way they treat other relationships and expect certain standards that come with the expectation that engaging with known retailers is better as they will not let them down.

The distance between in-store and online experiences is not too far when looking at retail experiences today but one common factor that binds all retail mediums is trust in the name of the retailer or the brand.

We have curated some tips on how we have the customers best interests in mind and what it takes to gain customer trust and confidence:

Connect Emotionally

Shopping malls, hypermarkets, online retailers can thrive if they genuinely care about customers. Brands can build trust by showing their “caring” side and connecting with consumers on an emotional level either through regular promotions connected to special occasions, festivals or activations to support the community.

Stay Authentic

Build a unique, consistent and distinctive brand that your consumers love. Brands can build trust by showing their “authentic” side and staying true to their stated values by fulfillingl customers’ expectations that are within reason without exception. Communicate and make relevant offers to your consumers based on a profound understanding of them and their preferred channels. 

Be Dependable

The strongest driver of consumer trust around the world is reliability. Brands can build trust by focusing on dependability and  build consumer confidence in their reliability and integrity.

Invest in the Best

Merchandise and service quality both have direct as well as indirect effect on customer store loyalty. Merchandise placement is considered an important dimension of store image and a major factor contributing to consumer decision making process but so is staff attitude and knowledge. Retailers hence have to constantly innovate and keep abreast of consumer trends to explore different target markets and train staff for exceptional service.

Customer Service

Empower and value your employees so their confidence filters through to the customer.  To provide value and loyalty to the customers, retailers should focus on developing Frontline employee’s effectiveness and trustworthiness. Customers should be able to trust their service providers. This creates a culture of trust in your physical and e-commerce offering.


Consumers’ expectations of brands are rising. Your brand must not only resonate with your customers, but it also needs to earn their trust, satisfaction and commitment. Brand trust is critical to brand loyalty and this can be enhanced by supporting environmental, societal issues and brand loyalty programmes.

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