Creating to do lists – does it help?

By Shereen Shabnam

While looking for ways to get my life in order during the pandemic, I went back to basics of organising my life into different compartments to navigate through the day by doing to do lists. It was my way of ensuring I was giving equal amounts of love to my work, family and my wellbeing.

Making to do lists helped me become practical and boosted my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth in equal measure. As I do many different things in different industries ranging from being an Editor, a Publicity Consultant, a Business Development Director, Media Trainer and a Motoring Jury, my lists depend a lot on what resonates with me when I wake up and what absolutely needs to get done during the day.

I am a great believer that if I address my needs first, it places me in a better state of mind which in turn gives me energy to take care of my work and others around me so what I love doing goes on top of my to do list.

The start and the end of the day are critical time slots for spirituality as it helps to start the day right and unwind from the stresses of the day. Hence starting my day with early morning prayers has now become a norm as I realise this gives me calmness throughout the day. I have my life coach, Maggie Williams to thank for this and for asking me what would make my life happier and being able find time to do my prayers was on top of the list. The early morning Fajr prayers make me feel heard, safe, and empowered.

Making lists about what I want and what I need to do helps me navigate my day and putting pen to paper has become an exercise involving thinking and reflection. Writing down what is on the mind is a very powerful method to see my thoughts for what they are and helps me think more clearly on the way forward and make decisions on the to do lists with better judgement.

I also notice that when I write down things on my list that I want to do but are near impossible, writing it somehow strengthens me and makes me believe in the potential of the action I desire to do and manifest. When we write down what we wish we could do in a day, it affirms our dreams and ambitions and instantly empowers us with reassurance that perhaps the wishful words on paper will become reality.

The best bit about lists is seeing things done and crossed off and to me, completing the items on the list raises my self-esteem and I am convinced it induces the release of serotonin that makes me feel happy and satisfied when it is all done.

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