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Interview with James Hutchinson

In this issue we meet with the founder of CHRONEVO, a British-owned independent brand design studio and automotive online magazine based in the UAE where the team comes with a passion for creative design and motoring.

James is a prolific content creator and shares his motoring life in small adventures via CHRONEVO. As Chief Rescue for Formula 1, Yas Marina Instructor, avid karting enthusiast, the holder of car, motorcycle, and truck licenses, he shares a passion from a personal perspective, attracting greater enthusiasm for those that connect and follow his new world of CHRONEVO. We ask James about his new venture and his future aspirations for CHRONEVO.

Tell us about your new venture CHRONEVO?

CHRONEVO is all about design. For us, design isn’t only a process of creation, but also an entity that creates another company’s symphony. Our people provide a wide range of creative design services for businesses and individuals around the world, ensuring we make the journey more enjoyable. Our design process follows the ethos where we Connect first, Explore next and then Design.

Tell us more about the three steps of your design process?

We start with CONNECT. Emotional connection is key and growing strong connections with your customers is valuable to both sides. Listening and sharing a true interest in your customer’s life ensures our bond increases with more personal and human interaction, keeping things non-transactional, and maintaining an empathetic and humanitarian outlook throughout. Long-lasting loyal relationships are born from this and can only grow stronger during and after any transactions.

We move on to EXPLORE. With everything, there is a general need to explore the journey and possibilities to meet people’s goals. Sometimes this means stepping outside of the usual channels and formats, to find a new direction that stands out from the crowd.

Then we DESIGN. We live in a world of design. Branding and business design come from the elements that have been built through exploration. A small example of this would be a logo. Many do not have a story to go with their logos. But as insignificant as it may seem, a logo can be the start of many new connections. Sharing a story is one of our key elements in getting our brands across to people and businesses. Stories help us to emotionally connect, and allow us to explore and design our journeys towards the ultimate personal or company goals.

We find the logo of CHRONEVO interesting – how has that evolved into the design it is today?

CHRONEVO’s logo represents two journeys. One of myself and one of the UAE. Back in 1971, the UAE became independent, while at the same time I was brought into the world. At this time the UAE was trading in pearls. This element can be seen at the centre of the wings. The pearl is also my birthstone. This has been centred within the wings, depicting both the shaheen (Hawk) that adorns many of the UAE crests and emblems and a highlight of 18 years of Army aviation service of myself. The text is a breakdown of two words. Chronicles is an old English word that highlights the historical account of events written in time order, and Evolution is the process by which the physical characteristics change and develop over time. Effectively sharing CHRONEVO as the Evolution of stories.

What’s next for CHRONEVO?

While building and growing the branding and marketing side of the business of CHRONEVO, I am following my passion for cars by including an online motoring blog within CHRONEVO. As a driver trainer, I am enjoying my time on the tracks at Yas Marina while testing cars with different brands as an influencer under the name ‘Supercar Baldie’. This is an exciting journey for me as I also get to do a lot of automotive photography which I am passionate about as well. I look forward to collaborating with different motoring brands in the UAE and being of service to all that wish to progress with their business brand and marketing requirements.

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