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Big Rossi – Partner at Salties

Dubai’s well known friendly celebrity, Big Rossi, was born into music and known as a popular radio DJ but there is more to this gentle giant who is currently expanding his horizons as a partner at Salties, a fun filled  “festive place” where he looks forward to sharing memorable moments with his fans from across the seven Emirates.

Rossi, a golden visa holder from the UAE loves spending time with friends and family and prefers meaningful engagements while breaking bread or from behind the decks entertaining crowds. This is something that he started from the age of 18, when he went to work in Corfu, sent by his mother with a plastic bag of CD’s.

Rossi has been blinded during his previous 10 years but now he wants “to see”. He wants to see his fans every day, communicate and listen to them, meet them and he wants to feel their vibe.

Always up for meeting people and embracing fresh perspectives, Rossi is most happy when he comes across fans from the millions of people who listen to him every week, mainly residents from 192 countries who are like his second family.

Tell us about yourself and your journey that brought you to Dubai?

Music has been a big part of my life and I have spun for TV celebrities, supported a National Radio Station’s tour of the UK Universities, performed at the UK’s biggest Dance Music Festivals and entertained in some of the UK’s biggest Nightclubs.

Aside from my DJ Gig, I work with the Kris Fade Show, in charge of ensuring that the show runs smoothly but mainly I am a family man and came to Dubai to carve out a life in the safe and vibrant city that is best for young families like mine.

Tell us about your new festive place…. Why have you chosen Salties as your partner for it?

I have been in love with Salties from the first time I felt the friendly easy going and accommodating space as best kept secret in Expo. This is when I decided that when I was going to do my place, the team there would be the perfect partners to welcome my hundreds of friends as they are able to make them feel like I felt, in a family.

We are excited about your plans for Salties festive place which we believe is a passion venue for you?

I like to party  and enjoy as life is to be lived but in a simple way with the people you like and who like you so I have chosen for the first Pop Up opening on the 15th of November, a very natural location on the roof of a building with a pool overflowing to views of a golf course  and a  huge area under the stars but covered by a movable roof with a lot of green , a sustainable place.

Where will Salties be located?

Guess where it is…. Let me give you some clue. It is in Dubai next to  a beautiful golf course and  lots of running water , not far from where my  thousands of  friends live, maximum 30 minutes from their homes ….to the heart of Dubai ..

What is the vibe at Salties and why we should be visiting the venue?

You should not only visit but come and enjoy the party scene with me and feel like it is your home where you can be yourself as you are only with your best friends and family. We will organize the fun music, brunch and quiz together where you and me can be protagonists… let’s do it!

Tell us about one of your achievements?

I took a huge challenge before the pandemic competing in the Virgin Money London Marathon and I lost over 15 kilos in the process.

What is your favourite dish now and while growing up?

My mother is a great cook like yours so I will ask her to teach my chefs to be able to treat us like only our mothers can do. We hope to see you at Salties.

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