CEO Clubs Commitment to Innovation Reaches New Heights at Lunch Meeting Focused on AI

CEO Clubs Network’s dedication to innovation reached new heights during their Lunch Meeting at the Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai. The event, focused on “Envisioning AI in the Next One to Two Years: Catalyzing Innovation Across Diverse Industries,” was attended by over 60 members and guests, including global leaders, diplomats, and VIPs, including H.E. Marie Ndjeka Opombo ,Ambassador, Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo, H.E. Ersoy Erbay, Commercial Attache, Turkiye, H.E. Onur Saylan, Consul General, Turkiye, H.E. Bilal Unverdi, Treasury and finance Attache, Turkiye, H.E. Henry Zvikaramba, Counsulate General, Zimbabwe , H.E. Ashish Kumar Sarkar, Commercial Counsellor, Bangladesh.

Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder & CEO of CEO Clubs Network, welcomed attendees with a grand announcement: the 7th Edition Burj CEO Awards 2024 nominations are now open. The most anticipated prestigious event of the year will be hosted in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkiye, from October 22-26. The meeting included a recap of the past six years of the Burj CEO Awards and a short video highlighting the impact of AI.

The keynote address was delivered by the Honorable Alexi Gunasekera, Consul General of Sri Lanka in the UAE, on the topic “AI: Driving Sri Lanka’s Leap into the Future Across All Sectors” where he emphasized that “AI can never replace human manpower but human should make AI work for the benefits, AI will not replace human manpower but human manpower will be replaced by Humans with AI knowledge”.

Panel Discussion: Catalyzing Innovation with AI

The event featured a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Asif Sabir, CTO of GoBazzar, focused on AI’s potential in the next one to two years. The distinguished panelists included:

  • Mr. Alpay Akdemir, VP / Principal Advisors Business Development Retail & Commerce, EEMEA – Mastercard MEA: Discussed AI’s empowerment of companies, sectors benefiting most, and Mastercard’s AI strategies.
  • Mr. Hussein Karaki, CEO & Founder – Seaside Holding: Explored AI’s impact on business, potential to replace human roles, and the long-term future of AI.
  • Mr. Jimmy Zhao, CMO, Addressed data ownership, future AI applications, industry disruptions, and the path to achieving AGI.
  • Mr. Jorge Sebastiao, Co-Founder – ECOX: Highlighted recent AI advances, its impact on business transformation, traditional business benefits, implementation challenges, and future prospects.
  • Dr. Aasif Ali Siddiqui, Founder & CEO – Artelir Inc.: Discussed AI’s future in healthcare, improving diagnostic accuracy, predictive capabilities, data privacy, and enhancing preventive care.

Welcoming New Members and Networking

CEO Clubs Network proudly welcomed new members, including Mr. Asif Asharaf, CEO of Zelta Design Services LLC, and Ms. Madena Haider, Owner of H-Royal Cleaning. The event included speed networking and a Networking Lunch, facilitating vital connections and collaborations among participants.


CEO Clubs Network extended heartfelt appreciation to their new valued Category Partner for Data & Security, Serenity Shield, and annual sponsors Stririxis Group, Regionality Group of Companies, and Dubai Duty Free, whose support was instrumental in ensuring the success of the event.

This gathering exemplified CEO Clubs Network’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration across diverse industries through the power of AI.

Ms. Sarah Dong, Managing Partner of CEO Clubs Network passionately concluded the event by reaffirming CEO Clubs’ commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration across diverse industries through the transformative power of AI, emphasizing, “After our AI topic event, it’s clear that in the next one to two years, AI will serve as a powerful catalyst for innovation across diverse industries. For members of the CEO Clubs, this means unprecedented opportunities to transform challenges into groundbreaking solutions, driving efficiency, creativity, and growth within our community.”

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