Casual and Comfortable Resortwear: Scalzi&Pareati

Inspired by the charming beauty of luxury beaches, resorts and cities around the world, with a particular touch of animalier, Scalzi&Pareati was founded in Italy by Paola and Max Gentile.

The brand reflects a unique style, which is reflected in distinctive and captivating textures, each piece made in Italy in limited runs, so as to make the wearer feel truly unique. The brand will now be able in Dubai retailing from Salties in Voco Hotel, West Beach.

All Scalzi&Pareati clothes are entirely handmade by a talented crew of artisans resulting in the best Italian tailoring as capsule collection, so the availability of fabrics remain limited.

The exquisite dresses by Scalzi&Pareati represents the desire for freedom, for summer, the desire to walk on a beach by the sea simply barefoot and with an enveloping sarong around the waist.

This mood is captured into a real lifestyle following a beach wedding of the founders in 2014 in Sardinia where the idea to create a casual brand for beachwear was born. Sardinia, and in particular the Costa Smeralda, is a land to which remains a continuous source of inspiration for the founders because of its colours, scents, wild beaches and the desire for summer and the nightlife it transmits.

The “Scalzi&Pareati” is a fashion line that enhances the femininity of even the most demanding woman, a woman who wants to stand out at all times and occasions of the day, from casual for an informal date to fashion for a trendy aperitif, up to evening dresses for an exclusive event.

The Founders choose every single fabric, constantly looking for ever-changing patterns, to then transform them into uniquely tailored dresses made by skilled and expert hands of Italian textile craftsmanship.

Every dress has a soul and can be bought only with the promise of taking it around the world in the best beaches and charming places ,otherwise leave it there as it will not want to come with you” be aware “.

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