Bring It On with Instant On: Aruba Delivers Wi-Fi 6 to Small Businesses

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, small businesses are focused on delivering high-quality experiences to their customers in all the ways they interact with them, whether on-site or online. To do that, they need a robust, secure network infrastructure that supports experiences that exceed customers’ expectations and enable their staff to be more efficient.

Enter the latest iteration of Wi-Fi technology – Wi-Fi 6, which was developed to provide the capabilities and security features required to deliver amazing customer experiences and enhance business operations. However, a key challenge for smaller businesses is that, unlike large enterprises, they often lack the IT expertise and staffing to support the deployment of emerging technologies.

Today, that is changing as Aruba introduces a new Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) Access Point (AP) designed specifically with the needs of smaller organizations in mind.

The new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6TM  Aruba Instant On AP22 access point delivers the blazing fast Wi-Fi speeds, reduced latency and advanced security capabilities characteristic of Wi-Fi 6, all with the reliability and ease of deployment and management that organizations have come to expect from Aruba. With the new Instant On AP22 access points, smaller businesses and organizations now have access to simple, secure and smart connectivity solutions that enable SMBs to support enhanced user experiences, without the cost or complexity.

As IDC is forecasting that more than 316 million Wi-Fi 6E devices will enter the market in 2021[1], this latest addition to the Instant On family is certainly a good thing for SMBs. It gives small business owners the ability to not only capitalize on opportunities today, but also prepares them for the future.

Key Features and Benefits

Delivering four times the capacity of 802.11ac access points, the AP22 provides an exceptional user experience no matter the environment, whether it be remote offices, hybrid classrooms, or reimagined retail and hospitality. For those organizations that have had to realign or shift their modes of working in response to the current business climate – from mostly in-person customer interactions to online-only or having all staff on-site to many working from home, for example – this additional capacity provides an added safety net to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly.

Like the rest of the Aruba Instant On portfolio, the AP22 easily integrates with existing Instant On indoor/outdoor APs, as well as the recently-introduced 1930 switches, and can be set up and centrally managed via the Instant On mobile app and/or cloud-based web portal. In fact, Instant On is so quick and easy to set up, you can do it in less time it takes you to grab a cup of coffee.

Right-sized Solutions for a Variety of Small Business Environments

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Aruba Instant On has right-sized solutions for a range of small business environments, such as:

  • Retail Stores/Cafés: For retailers, network connectivity and security are critical for operations. Providing fluid Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems for curbside pick-up, payroll, inventory control, and guest access is a must for growing businesses. With Aruba Instant On AP11 and AP22, small business owners get a cost-effective, easy-to-manage, high-speed Wi-Fi solution that’s built to support the mobile, IoT, and security demands of today’s busy commercial environment.
  • Hospitality: Whether it’s a small B&B or the hottest boutique hotel in town, fast, secure, and reliable network access is the key to delivering an exceptional experience to guests and employees. The Aruba Instant On AP11D, AP12, AP22 and AP17 are great for spaces that require seamless indoor and outdoor access and coverage that provides a smooth in-room Wi-Fi experience.
  • Professional Offices: High performance laptops, data intensive business applications, and interactive voice and video collaboration tools need a wireless network that can handle it all. The Aruba Instant On AP15 and AP22 access points and Instant On 1930 24- or 48-port switches are designed to address the demands of professional offices so that guests stay connected and employees stay productive.

Expanded Marketing Capabilities

Need more specialized features – like targeted marketing and analytics – to enhance customer engagement, drive topline revenue, and boost brand loyalty? Aruba has partnered with leading e-marketing companies – Aislelabs, Purple, SkyFii, Wavespot, and Zoox Smart Data – to transform Aruba Instant On into a powerful marketing platform. Each vendor offers a unique suite of free and premium services that can be configured in minutes and produce results quickly. Need other features, like a remote VPN? Learn more about the partner solutions and unique added-value capabilities here.

Wired and wireless connectivity plays a critical role in today’s business world. No business – large or small – can afford costly downtime, a damaging data breach or reduced customer loyalty. Since its introduction last year, Aruba’s mission with Instant On has been to give small businesses the tools and technology to deliver exceptional wireless experiences to their customers and improved efficiencies to their employees through world-class connectivity solutions. With Instant On, small businesses now have the simplicity, security and intelligence they need to compete and win in today’s dynamic business environment.

For more information on the Instant On family of products for small businesses, please visit

[1] IDC, Wi-Fi 6E: The Market Opportunity for Wi-Fi 6 in the 6GHz Spectrum Band, April 2020, Doc # US46220720

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