Award-Winning, Ultra Premium Dear Olives Debuts in the UAE with Authentic Tunisian Olive Oils

Early-harvested, single-origin olives are the cornerstone of Dear Olives’ premium offering.

In a landmark moment for olive oil aficionados in the United Arab Emirates, Premium & Fine Foodstuff proudly unveils its award-winning product, Dear Olives, introducing its flagship olive varieties, Chetoui and Chemleli, to discerning palates. With a legacy of excellence underpinning its brand ethos and a testimony to artisanal craftsmanship, Dear Olives boasts five prestigious international awards, including the gold award from the esteemed World Olive Oil Competition in New York, NYIOOC, making it to its annual list of Best Olive Oils in the world.

Dear Olives spokesperson Jonathan Lawlor said: “At Premium & Fine Foodstuff, our ethos has consistently been about offering more than just products; we curate experiences that narrate profound tales. Dear Olives is emblematic of this vision, as it’s not merely a name or a label but encapsulates a rich, immersive voyage that starts from the sun-kissed olive groves of Tunisia and culminates in the bustling kitchens of the UAE. Throughout this journey, what remains a constant is our commitment to preserving the deep-rooted traditions of olive cultivation, all the while ensuring that the quality we deliver is nothing short of exceptional.”

Renowned for its commitment to purity and tradition, Dear Olives prides itself on its early harvest method, an ode to the time-honoured rhythms of the olive tree, as well as prioritising unparalleled quality over sheer quantity in every stage of the process. This sustainable approach not only extracts the zenith of the oil’s quality but also ensures the vitality of heritage groves, packaging the ancient trees to replenish, thrive, and mirror nature’s finest. Its limited batch production ensures that each bottle reflects artisanal craftsmanship, further underscoring the brand’s premium positioning. Every drop of Dear Olives is an ode to quality, the product of single-origin olives that promise purity in every taste.

Naim Ben Said, Partner at the Dear Goodness Award-winning mill in Tunisia, said: “Dear Olives is a promise to our community of farmers in Tunisia. Each olive tree, lovingly referred to by many of our farmers as ‘kids,’ reflects our community’s care, history, and pride. By ensuring fair pricing and practices, we’re preserving a tradition and building a future where each farmer feels the weight of their worth, and every olive tells a story of its roots, its land, and the hands that nurtured it.”

In a world where personal touches make all the difference, the elegance and thoughtfulness of gifting have found their epitome in Dear Olives. Each bottle is not just a container of exquisite olive oil but a meticulously crafted work of art, making it an ideal offering for those discerning individuals in your life who appreciate the finer things. The brand’s packaging is a harmonious fusion of innovative design and premium aesthetics that is also made of 100% eco-friendly material.

The Chetoui variety, which is robust in taste, thrives in Tunisia’s sunlit Northern regions and has one of the world’s highest levels of polyphenols (antioxidants), a testament to its quality. Contrasting this, Chemleli, delicate in taste and hailing from Tunisia’s east coast, is a product of trees that have stood the test of time, some for over two centuries, symbolising the rich tapestry of Tunisia’s olive cultivation journey.

Dear Olives, priced at AED 349 for a 700 ml bottle, not only encapsulates the essence of Tunisia but serves as an invitation to delve into its vibrant culture. The brand’s collaboration with the Culinary Route of Olive Oil in Tunisia allows visitors to embark on an immersive journey via a comprehensive tour culminating in an exquisite tasting session.

With its limited batch production emphasising its premium allure, discerning customers can dive into the world of Dear Olives and place their orders at

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