Aries Group announces women empowerment benefits including two years of Post-delivery benefits for its female employees

  • Aries Group is the first company in Asia to introduce menstrual leave for female employees
  • New work culture enhanced with baby care leave
  • Over 10% percent of employment opportunities reserved for women with equal pay

February 2023: Aries Group of companies, whose portfolio includes the world’s largest ship design and inspection firm with more than 2,000 employees in 19 countries, has launched numerous innovative projects for women empowerment and has set the ball rolling to implement a new work culture in the industry by announcing various innovative projects.

The Group has announced ‘Baby Care Leave’ as a post-natal benefit for female employees in conjunction with its Silver Jubilee celebrations. This announcement aims to ensure the best maternal care for all new mothers in the Aries family. The female staff can take leave for one year and an additional year as work-from-home without any service break. As part of this scheme, employees who live near the office can avail four half hour breaks during working hours for taking care of babies.

The UAE-based multinational Aries Group is the first company in Asia to introduce menstrual leave for female employees. In an era where recognising women’s rights at work is still considered as a challenge and cases of labour exploitation increasing globally in many fields, Aries has been taking path-breaking initiatives to encourage women empowerment.

Sir Sohan Roy, the founder chairman and CEO of the Aries group said, “We are elated to make such revolutionary announcements as part of the company’s 25th anniversary. We have previously announced many notable projects, including a fifty percent profit share for employees, retirement with a pension for employees, Parent pension, and Spouse salary, etc. This year our focus is on women empowerment and making our working spaces more welcoming and adaptable for our female staff.”

As a model for women empowerment, ground breaking initiatives launched for women empowerment include the Anti-Dowry Policy, Salary to Unemployed Wives of Employees, Menstrual leaves for Women Employees, Scheme to Turn Women Employees into Entrepreneurs, Special Office for Women, Work from Home facility, New Work Programs for Employees’ Mental Health, Policy Against Gender Discrimination, Anti sexism policy and various other Schemes for Women’s Welfare.

Aries Group is becoming a model for the global maritime sector by setting up an office exclusively for women in the maritime sector, where less than 2% percent of women work, and reserving more than 10% percent of employment opportunities only for women with equal pay.

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