Are Classic British Dishes History in Gen Z’s Books?

Toad in the hole may sound strange to the average person and even more foreign to Gen Z, but in some British communities it remains a delicious meal that reminds them of home. In Britain we have had and still have a number of dishes with some exotic names.
According to research, Gen Z are at risk of archiving more of these classic dishes. 
Puddings as an example are in danger of extinction with 18% believing the spotted dick is imaginary, and 13% believing that Eton Mess doesn’t count as an actual dish.

In addition, people aged between 18-30 say that old school staples like pie, mash and liquor and a simple Ploughman’s lunch could be non-existent over the next few decades because Gen Z have never tried them.

To ensure that these treasured dishes are not forgotten chefs still include them in their menus today. Gordon Ramsay serves Spotted Dick at his restaurant aptly named Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill.

With a dwindling popularity rate, some classic British recipes are seeing their way into history books rather than cook books. Delicacies such as Laverbread saw a decline around the mid-20th century. The decline was so much that in the 1970s BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming program saw it as a food that was to be assigned to the history books.

ploughman’s lunch of toasts, cheddar cheese, apple, scotch eggs, sliced headcheese, tomatoes, spinach, hot mustard and pickled onion on a white plate, on a wooden table, view from above, flatlay

With a decline in favour of more classic dishes, it can not go unsaid that the British food scene is trying to integrate and keep the older recipes alive in the form of newer and innovative ways. Modern takes on our favourites are getting a revamp and the interest in reinvigorating these dishes is growing. This can be seen through the multicultural diversity in eateries that are in and around England.Restaurants such as Rules in London, is one the oldest restaurants serving traditional British dishes and has been doing so since 1798. St James restaurant serves up British comfort dishes such as suet puddings, Dover sole and game. The restaurant Gilbert Scott serves up some traditional dishes with a twist, while staying true to recipes that have been around for years.Gala Bingo has curated a top 10 classic British meals list highlighting the tastes of Britain. We are throwing it back and giving you a delicious look at some of the most classic British cuisines here.

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