Airlines Crew can fly safe now with Keyvan Aviation’s Antibacterial Uniform

As borders slowly open and airlines start to fly and take to the skies once again, it is important that crew members feel reassured and confident about their health when flying and performing their duty onboard an aircraft.

By using Hazmat suits or medical gowns on top of the uniforms, Airlines will hide their culture and the colors; and they will spend plenty of money which will be wasted and thrown out at the end of the day. Thinking about sustainability and keeping cost under control as well as having a nice and elegant look for flight crew is a big advantage of the Keyvan design and final product.

Keyvan Aviation offers Airlines Crew Antibacterial Uniform to all Flight and Ground crew which will bring higher level of the safety against bacteria and viruses and keep the Airlines beauty and cultures together while saving the operational cost for Airlines.

Having skin friendly, comfort advantages, and using natural material and recyscable as well as using antibacterial and antiviral finishing on the product made it a useful costume to keep crew member safer. Ability to wash and use during a reasonable life cycle of a normal uniform is a big cost effective benefit for airlines.

Using a silver ion technology enables Keyvan Aviation offers a better protection for body against electromagnetic shielding effect during their duty, as well. They use a new technology and combine them with fashion ideas to keep Airlines crew safe and offer a pleasant flight to passengers by maintaining the highest levels of safety in their product.

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