A new era in wardrobe wellness: The appliance revolutionizing laundry and replenishing appearances

Changing consumer trends and increased demand for products that complement dynamic lifestyles have driven the popularity of next-generation home appliances to newfound heights. With these factors in mind, Samsung formulated a vision to introduce a first-of-its-kind product dedicated to wardrobe wellness, capable of tailoring to the needs and preferences of fashion-centric enthusiasts.

Today, this ambition has become a reality. Comprising the latest innovative technologies and developed to completely reimagine clothing care, Samsung’s Air Dresser has succeed in refreshing styles and sanitizing clothes like never before. A recent survey* conducted by Samsung in the UAE found that 70% of respondents view laundry as a time-consuming chore, driving widespread popularity of laundry services.

However, 80% of respondents also consider the risk the of damaging their outfits a primary pain point and 34% worry about deodorization when it comes to high-end clothing care. The Air Dresser conveniently takes care of washing, drying, ironing, and deodorizing in one go – meaning you no longer need to spend money on third party sources. And if you have always done the laundry yourself, you can dedicate the time saved to other things.

Now one of the most highly sought-after clothing care products in the market, the Air Dresser is very much the future of laundry. People value their appearance no matter the occasion – and the first step to looking your best is taking care of clothes.

Abayas and Kandura can remain in pristine condition at all times, with the closet ensuring dust, air pollutants, and smoke are always removed. At the same time, suits for working professionals and luxurious clothes for fashion-savvy individuals are also taken care of, so people no longer need to use a third party and spend money to clean and look after them. Here, we take a look at how the Air Dresser is revolutionizing laundry, replenishing appearances, and refreshing personal style:

The end of traditional time-consuming laundry

Traditional laundry methods which take time, patience, and effort are now a regular occurrence of the past due to the Air Dresser’s availability, and clothes can be gently tried at a low temperature with HeatPump Drying technology. For decades, clothes have often been susceptible to damage and shrinking while in dryers, much to our disappointment. However, such issues are no more as the upper JetAir and lower HeatPump drastically improve the internal circulation of air and evenly dry all items of clothing – with rejuvenated appearances being the end result. What’s more, fewer wrinkles and no ironing are guaranteed with the Wrinkle Care function, which represents a new chapter of sustainability in laundry terms. Wrinkle Care uses a combination of steam and air to relax and smooth out creases for an added element of elegance in appearance – removing wrinkles from woolen and rayon clothing.

Jet Air and Air Hanger

None of us are enthusiastic about the prospect of dust on our clothes or opening the wardrobe wear something before a particular occasion only to discover clothing isn’t in pristine condition. With the Air Dresser, you will never experience such situations again. Using its Jet Air system and Air Hangers, all dust particles quickly and quietly eliminated thanks to powerful bursts of air blown upwards and downwards in the closet – revolutionizing laundry as we know it. Engrained dust internally and externally is loosened and removed, while the product also creates less vibration and noise. What’s more, the JetStream function uses the powerful Jet Air system to infuse high-temperature steam deep into the fabric of clothes, ensuring an elegant appearance at all times with an added element of freshness.

Self Clean

As we all know, clothes unused for an extended period of time are prone to need cleaning as they go stale while in storage. Thanks to Self Clean technology, hygiene and cleanliness are maintained inside the cabinet as it simultaneously dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the space. You longer need to take time washing as the Air Dresser does it for you. The Air Dresser refreshes, sanitizes, and dries your clothing, but you can do even more when linked to SmartThings. By simply connecting to the app, the appliance’s full capabilities can be accessed, including extra care cycles, energy statuses, and garment suggestions. What’s more, it is so easy to use. Having selected Air Dresser in the app, tap ‘cycle’ in the corner of the screen, where it will say ‘normal’ by default. Then, select the desired cycle, tap ‘ok’ and press ‘start’ – it really is that simple. The time of cycles varies depending on the chosen cycle, starting from 20 minutes.


Many of us take great pride in our appearance and place a strong emphasis on looking after our clothing items – particularly our favorites! With our Air Dresser, you can preserve their condition by making sure your room has an optimal environment, without an extra dehumidifier. When the door is open, the Dehumidification function draws in air from the room, extracts moisture, and expels dry air. It ensures that all clothes are protected in ideal conditions – providing better clothes care with less humidity. 

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