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Celebrity Trainer Yasir Khan


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Recently we got on the phone with entrepreneur, celebrity trainer, and transformational mentor, Yasir Khan to talk to him about the launch of his new gym, TYB, which is an impressive over 75,000 sq. ft. facility, centrally located in Al Quoz.


The facility is home to the UAE’s most popular, end-to-end, and comprehensive transformation program – Transform Your Body. Centered around the concept that the body achieves what the mind believes and that mental transformation. TYB Program offers 360-degree transformation of mind, body and overall health. Yasir tells us more.


How did you start a career in the fitness industry?


I started training at the age of 13 and saw the transformative impact that fitness had on my overall well-being. I witnessed the impact of fitness, and this fueled my lifelong passion for everything fitness related.


What motivated you to start TYB?

I have been studying the human body, health, exercise, nutrition, NLP and structured them to develop TYB as a unique, comprehensive transformation program and I delved further so others can benefit too from my experiences.

Tell us a bit about TYB and what facilities it has?

Our TYB multi-fitness arena caters to up to 500 people at any given time. Comprising three warehouses boasting various holistic fitness facilities including a boxing ring, studio space, a tennis court, two padel courts, a trainer’s warehouse, VIP workout area with special equipment, a dedicated women’s workout area, a recovery room, a nutritionist’s room, cryotherapy, Transform Your Food (TYF) cafe, Indian Akhada training and much more.


Who is your potential clientelle?


We have designed it as a holistic sanctuary where people of all ages and abilities come to understand and value their fitness and transformational journey.


What makes TYB stand out from other fitness centres?


We offer a holistic transformation which is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to transform the world, not only by encouraging people to lose weight but also by motivating them to adopt a better, healthier lifestyle benefiting themselves and their loved ones.


What is next for TYB?


We would like to touch the lives of residents in Dubai and show them how fitness can change their lives for the better. The TYB Gym also offers online training programs available to everyone regardless of their geographical location.


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