Health Prioritised, Meals Customised

‘Health is an investment you make to have the life of your dreams.’ Araj Hassan, CEO Tell us about when and why you set up VMeals? VMeals was set up right after the lockdown ended locally, in the third quarter of 2020. The motivation behind setting up a healthy food company came from my personal... Continue Reading →

Bringing fashion to the forefront

Mr. Pedro Vargas, International Project Manager, Leading Brands of Spain Forum Shereen Shabnam Dubai Expo proved to be the perfect platform to promote the best of what countries had to offer and one of the activations we enjoyed most was attending a fashion show at the Spain pavilion that brought some of the country’s top... Continue Reading →

Agent of Change

Nadiia Ratke, Founder and CEO of the International Organization of Social Justice By Shereen Shabnam Nadiia Ratke is a dynamic 34 year-old business leader who wears many different hats. She is the Founder and CEO of VI Group and CEO of the International Organization of Social Justice (IOSJ). Based between Germany, Dubai, Geneva and Ukraine,... Continue Reading →

“An Unplanned Journey becomes a Destiny” Dubai Based Businessman Turned Singer Zakeer Hussain (Zak Zorro), CEO of Icon Art production

UAE is attracting more Hollywood and Bollywood movies as a hotspot for exotic locations shoots and Icon Art Production (IAP), a leading production house is known as a One stop solution for all Feature Films, TV Commercials, TV Programs, Documentaries, Music Videos and Corporate Films, Event Productions and Multimedia services across the UAE, Middle East... Continue Reading →

Turbo Charged Motoring Personality

Salman Sultan, Regional PR and Social Media Manager at Jaguar Land Rover MENA By Shereen Shabnam It is always a delight to meet with Salman Sultan, Regional PR and Social Media Manager at Jaguar Land Rover MENA. A motoring enthusiast, Salman graduated from the American University of Sharjah and worked with General Motors as the... Continue Reading →

Bridging Gaps

KAMLESH PRAKASH, FIJI AMBASSADOR - EMBASSY OF FIJI IN UAE In this issue we bring you thoughts from Mr. Kamlesh Prakash, Fiji Ambassador currently based in the UAE since presenting his credentials in 2016. He plays a crucial role in Building and strengthening Fiji’s diplomatic relations with the UAE and other countries of accreditation in... Continue Reading →

Deserved Reputation in Advocacy

ROBERT MIKULSKI, MANAGING PARTNER, LEGAL COUNSEL BRILLAW – LAW FIRM Edited by Shereen Shabnam Managing Partner of Brillaw, 48-year-old Robert Mikulski is insightful and inspirational. To him, family is very important – he is married for 19 years to Katarzyna Mikulska, a doctor and has four children, Aleksander, Magdalena, Aleksandra and Kaswery. Born in Warsaw,... Continue Reading →

Expressing Individuality Through Fragrance

Abdulhamid AlBastaki CEO – OCYANA PERFUMES By Shereen Shabnam Scents and fragrances often bring warm memories of places and identifies us with our loved ones. In this issue, we meet with Abdulhamid AlBastaki, CEO of Ocyana Perfumes as he talks about his journey into the fragrance industry. AbdulHamid is a highly motivated leader with a... Continue Reading →

Building Cultural Bridges

H. E. MARIANNE NISSILÄ, AMBASSADOR EMBASSY OF FINLAND IN UAE By Shereen Shabnam For this issue, the Millennium Millionaire team met with Her Excellency Marianne Nissila, Ambassador of Finland to the UAE who has recently arrived in the UAE and looks after the overall management of the Embassy and representing Finland in the UAE and... Continue Reading →

Mastering Innovation

STEPHAN WINKELMANN, PRESIDENT, BUGATTI AUTOMOBILES S.A.S. BY Shereen Shabnam The true form of luxury is individuality and Bugatti’s ‘La Voiture Noire’ is now at the cutting edge of automobile production. It is a sculptural beauty with unique technology so we meet Berlin born, 55 year old Stephan Winkelmann who is the President of Bugatti Automobiles... Continue Reading →

Man of Diligence

H.E. ROBERT ROSTEK, AMBASSADOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND, UAE By Shereen Shabnam Born in Wroclaw, Poland, 49-year-old H.E Robert Rostek is the dynamic Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the UAE. He is knowledgeable of the Arab world and speaks Arabic having spent close to 25years in countries like Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq... Continue Reading →

Setting Creative Benchmarks

Davide Padoa, Chief Executive Officer – Design International By Shereen Shabnam Davide graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Milan and finalized his architecture studies in California at the University of Pomona. After an immersive design experience in the USA and Italy, Davide moved to the U.K. and then to Indonesia, where he worked as... Continue Reading →

Royal Visionary

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Cabinet Member and Minister of Finance By Shereen Shabnam As the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum has also been the ‎Minister of Finance since the first formation of the Cabinet on the 9th of December 1971, ‎playing a crucial role... Continue Reading →

Committed to Design

Luca Cappuccitti, Head of Global Business Development & Strategy By Shereen Shabnam Luca Cappuccitti is in an enviable position. His behind the scenes work as Business Development and Strategy for Design International takes him around the globe and he has become well known in the industry for successfully identifying and developing key partnerships with developers... Continue Reading →

Voice of Diplomatic Influence

Dušan HORNIAK, MSc., Ambassador of the Slovak Republic By Shereen Shabnam We recently ventured into Abu Dhabi to meet with His Excellency Dusan Horniak, the dynamic Ambassador of Slovakia to the UAE to talk about his career in Diplomacy and his journey to represent his nation in the region. His strength lies in his solid... Continue Reading →

Jetsetter Journey

MOHAMED EL-GUINDY, CEO- LIVE TOURS WORLD By Shereen Shabnam Travel is always on top of our minds so we were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with 32-year-old, Mohamed el Guindy, CEO of LiveTours World this issue. Born in Saudi Arabia, Mohamed grew up in Saudi Arabia for 13 years before heading to Egypt to... Continue Reading →

Strong demand for Dubai real estate continues

BY SHEREEN SHABNAM Dr. Brian Etemad Esq. Despite current global economic challenges, demand for homes and office space in Dubai continues with more residents finding comfort in making the city their permanent home instead of returning to political and economic uncertainty back in their home countries. More decisions are made to acquire a permanent home... Continue Reading →

World’s First BNI Female Chapter in UAE

Interview with President, Katie Steele, President of BNI Evergreen and Senior Financial Planner at Guardian Wealth Management By Shereen Shabnam the BNI has chosen the UAE as the home of its first female chapter to meet the professional needs of the extraordinary number of female business-owners, leaders and professionals in the region. With over 8,000... Continue Reading →

Strengthening Economic Relations

By Shereen Shabnam Oswald Wong – Champion of One Belt One Road Being a capital entrepreneur from Hong Kong, Oswald Wong, President & CEO of China International Development and Investment Corporation Limited, feels privileged connecting Hong Kong and UAE for serving the rest of the world. Oswald is particularly excited about the Chinese national strategy... Continue Reading →

Enhancing Bilateral Trade

By Shereen Shabnam H.E Alexander Sporýš, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the UAE His Excellency Alexander Sporýš, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United Arab Emirates sees UAE as a significant trade partner of the Czech Republic and is currently working on enhancing trade relations between the two countries. We had an... Continue Reading →

Intensely Italian

MR. FLAVIO BRIATORE By Shereen Shabnam Flavio Briatore has worn many hats in his career and achieved a host of successes in different industries he has worked in but he is best known for bringing into Formula One a unique and innovative management style where he used marketing and communication to attract and secure affluent... Continue Reading →

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