Nutanix Helps Accelerate Jordanian Government’s Digital Transformation Journey

Public departments see tripling of concurrent-user capacities as cloud benefits take root and service delivery is streamlined across the country

Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud software, today announced that Jordan’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) has successfully completed its migration to the Nutanix enterprise cloud software as part of its ongoing efforts to accelerate digital transformation across the Kingdom.

MoDEE’s mandate is to deliver and maintain the Government of Jordan’s digital transformation apparatus for all the country’s public entities, facilitating the delivery of end-user services to citizens and businesses. Like many countries in the Middle East, Jordan is making strides in digital technology usage as a means to invigorate the economy, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and create jobs. Jordan has long set a pace for regional peers to follow, as it has established best practices for digital migration and enhanced its e-government services by leveraging emerging technologies such as cloud computing.

“We don’t like to call it e-government anymore; it’s a digital transformation for Jordan, where we move to a digital economy – where we allow each and every service to be provided digitally and paid for digitally,” said HE Mothanna Gharaibeh, Jordan’s Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. “And this cannot happen without having everything on the cloud – quick and efficient. So Nutanix has indeed been a good partner in helping us to deliver this mandate.”

MoDEE is also responsible for hosting ICT services for all of Jordan’s government entities. Previously, the ministry used a managed-service model to deliver ICT facilities from its own data centre, through its own servers and storage devices. However, in trying to support a nation with economic growth ambitions rooted in digital prowess, MoDEE found the legacy setup limiting.

“We had problems with updates, upgrades and expansions,” explained Abdallah Al-Farrayih, MoDEE’s Operations Manager. “After moving to the Nutanix Cloud, we could manage all of our infrastructure from a single location – storage, network, virtual machines, everything from a single dashboard.”

MoDEE’s new control comes from Nutanix’s one-click infrastructure management console Prism that allows admins to seamlessly and easily monitor all virtual environments running on AOS. The dashboard is designed to simplify and streamline common workflows, and to make hypervisor and VM management as easy as checking email.

“With Nutanix, we can easily integrate with many platforms,” Mr. Al-Farrayih added. “And we can use the built-in features in Nutanix related to security and backup.”

The Nutanix enterprise cloud software has also helped MoDEE increase capacity for handling large volumes of digital traffic, thereby streamlining services across e-government branches.

“The relationship between MoDEE and Nutanix is strategic because our private cloud serves critical workloads and applications for government entities,” said Yosef Khamees, Senior Systems Engineer, MoDEE.

The Nutanix enterprise cloud software will form the foundation of future expansions, Khamees explained, adding that a planned centralisation of applications and e-services was in the works for MoDEE’s private cloud.

“We started with Nutanix on a small number of boxes, but now we have greatly increased our capacity,” he said. “Our lives are made much easier, because one application, one system can be configured to serve many entities and users.”

After migrating to Nutanix enterprise cloud software the ministry noticed an appreciable difference in performance and capacity. One government agency that was able to handle approximately 1,000 concurrent users on the legacy infrastructure can now accommodate approximately 3,000.

“Nutanix started working with us two years ago and now we’re putting all our servers on the cloud, meaning we are centralising everything that we have,” said Mr. Gharaibeh. “No governmental entity will be allowed to have their own service. They will always go to the cloud and Nutanix is one of our most successful partners so far.”

“So, I would like to thank them for the great work they’re doing in Jordan and for supporting us in transforming Jordan tremendously, so quickly and so efficiently. I look forward to having more Nutanix investments in Jordan, as we are ideally placed to serve the entire Middle East. Other companies have done it and seen the value; so yes, I would very much appreciate having more investment from Nutanix in Jordan.”


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