How to Style & Decorate With Faux Flowers – Dwell

Nothing can spruce up your home better than plants and flowers. However, real plants and flowers require a lot of maintenance, such as regular watering, pruning, and many more. But this doesn’t mean the end of your option; faux plants and flowers can cater to your floral decor needs.

If you frequently buy plants to liven up your space with the best of intentions, only to have them not last long enough, perhaps it’s time to embrace the faux plants. Not only are they absolutely stunning, but faux plants have begun to adopt a new reputation for being an easy, low-maintenance way to breathe life into any interior space. 

From individual stems to full, centerpiece-worthy flower arrangements, leading home furniture brand DWELL completely transforms your home with varieties of artificial flowers that adorn and completely elevate any space in your home. 

Below are some tips on DWELL on having faux plants and flowers in your home.

  • Combine different textures: While arranging your flowers, combine flowers of varying textures. From big ones to small ones. Doing this will make your flower arrangement look complete and wholesome. 
  • Use the right vase: Using the right shape vase for the flowers will make a real difference to the look of the display. Opt for a black base for your greenery and a beige or gray ceramic vase for your coloured flowers. 
  • Opt for realistic colours: To perfectly pass them as real ones, go for realistic colours. Resist the temptation to go for colours like purple, green, blue, etc. and instead go for believable colours like red, pink, white to make them look realistic. 


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