Jongga Kimchi Launches in the Korean Food Pavilion on!

When it comes to Korean Products in Dubai, it is important to do research and know which ones are the best ones – we are hence excited that Jongga, which has the best of Korean food products is now available easily at the Korean Food Pavilion on

Korean food lovers can buy Korean Food on such as Kimbab, TteokBokki and Cheeseball and now, Kimchi from Jongga is newly launched on for customer convenience.

Jongga is the most famous and premium Kimchi brand from South Korea and to date, we can agree that Jongga Kimchi provides the most authentic taste of Kimchi. Kimchi is healthy and has been known for the prevention of many diseases due to its probiotic properties.

We normally eat kimchi either as a salad or with rice and a protein dish. I made a simple fried rice and served it with crispy prawns and a few spoonfuls of kimchi on the side.

Others eat kimchi as a salad while some people have a few bites each day for heath reasons. If you need ideas, there is a QR code you can scan that sends you a site with ideas of what you can do with kimchi.

Jongga Kimchi is available on now and get the best price!


Link: Korean Food Pavilion on

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