Lalique: Jewellery Novelties, Fall/Winter 2021

This fall Lalique presents two new jewellery collections, Papillon and Vigne, and the cross of St. Matthew.

As in weightlessness, the Lalique Butterfly deploys its satin-finished crystal wings, dressed in blue or lagoon set on sterling silver and in a luminous
peach or intense green on 18K yellow
gold plated.
Highlighted by sterling silver or 18k yellow gold plated, the radiant red or amber shades of the Vigne collection evoke the colour of red or white wine.

In 1934, René Lalique was commissioned to sign the interior decoration of Saint Matthew’s church, located on the Channel Island of Jersey. The centerpiece is a towering cross over three meters high, soaring above the altar. Lalique reinterprets this precious cultural heritage through the St. Matthew’s Cross pendant in satin-finished crystal set on sterling silver.

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