Home deco ideas for the interior enthusiast

Known for their premium, eccentric and bold furnishings for the home, Chattels and More host a wide variety of home accessories that can make ideal and practical gifts.

A gift from Chattels and More will add a layer of luxury to the home of the special people who receive them. Whether purchasing a modern and stylish piece of furniture, or choosing an opulent accessory, items from Chattels and More are not just stylish gifts but also practical presents to enjoy.

Customers can find this collection online or at any of the Chattels & More stores across the region. Here is a selection of items from their charming collection:

Jar Porcelain White/Blue 32h

AED 361

A porcelain vase is always a great idea! This decorative item is ideal for those who love to celebrate and enjoy in opulent Arabian tradition.

Peafowl on Pillar Ant. Gold Resin.

AED 307

A luxurious golden home accessory is a stunning centrepiece that can add another level of opulence to the home. With animal related items increasing in popularity, this is a go-to gift idea for friends and family members.

Green/Gold Glass Cylinders

From AED 78

Set the tone for those Arabian evenings with these stunning candle holders from Chattels & More. Made from glass, these best-sellers can make an ideal gift for loved ones!

Dual Dining Green Velvet

AED 944

Exhibiting luxurious appeal with a premium design, this green velvet chair is sure to enhance its surroundings with a warm and modern ambience.

Chess Dining Table

Price: AED 8,268

Go the extra mile and fit their home with a stunning dining table that can be host to future family meals and times of joy over Eid.

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