MKS Jewellery Presents collection that delicately connects Arabic heritage with luminous charms

Natasha Dury

MKS Jewellery recently revealed a perfect collection of stunning jewellery that comprises of a vast array of beautiful pieces, from the treasured Desert Scape Medallion Necklace, to golden celestial rings, and charming hoop and stud earrings.

Every feature incorporates artistic details; Be it with the craftsmanship, the personal storytelling or the connection to Emirati heritage. Sheikha Mariam’s creations perfectly capture the spirit of Arabia and its celebrations perfectly with this collection.

Known for her elegant, minimalist style, Founder and award-winning jewellery designer H.H. Sheika Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan launched a limited-edition 9-piece collection during Ramadan to her stylish brand. The ornate pieces of the new collection incorporate an array of crescent moons and celestial stars, perfectly complimenting your kaftans and abayas, making each piece of jewellery a must-have this Ramadan available exclusively in select boutiques across the GCC.

Sheikha Mariam’s vision for MKS Jewellery of empowering women to share their own stories continues with the unveiling of the Collection, launching golden expressions of celebration and style for multi-generational women. The stunning new collection, which is sourced and made in Dubai, is made for women from all walks of life with intricate designs inspired from her passions, thoughts, memories and experiences.

An enchanting theme of celestial style runs throughout MKS Jewellery’s Ramadan collection, harnessing delicate moon and star designs while incorporating a delicate, modern twist; perfectly reflecting the pure and sacred serenity of Ramadan. The carefully crafted pieces are both stylish and sophisticated, with each piece unique and evoking a certain emotion, there’s something for everyone in the collection.

MKS Jewellery is a fine jewellery label founded and designed by H.H. Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan in 2013, MKS Jewellery has become known for beautifully translating Emirati heritage into contemporary and unique pieces. Referencing H.H. Sheikha Mariam’s initials, the brand stands for women, power, diversity and self-expression while celebrating the sentimental collector that finds value and underlying meaning in everything. MKS Jewellery’s collections and creations are built to mark special moments in the wearer’s life.

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