A Swiss experience: Revier Hotel, Business Bay

Shereen Shabnam

We love to experience authentic Swiss hospitality every year in different parts of Switzerland and recently we found a slice of this in the heart of Dubai at the Revier Hotel in Business Bay. It was perfect for a weekend getaway with the family as we got to enjoy the Swiss ambience while savoring lip-smacking delicacies since we are not able to take the annual trip to explore Switzerland itself with the pandemic restrictions.

The minute you step in the lobby, Revier transports you to the Swiss Alps while you are still in Dubai. The guest’s here get to experience impeccably Swiss feel via its lobby interiors where a great amount of detail and creativity was spent in making the hotel as Swiss as possible; from Ski-blades to the life-like cow sculptures, the contemporary Swiss dining options; every inch of Revier has a touch of Swiss ethos to it. My daughter was totally in love taking pictures of the many Instagram worthy corners of the hotel.

The hotel has had a wide variety of offers since it opened doors. If you drop in for the day, I would suggest a meal at their Alphorn restaurant. We went there late afternoon for work over coffee in the lobby and checked out the different parts of the hotel. In the evening we tried the Swiss-style Cheese Fondue feast with gooey melted cheese and condiments like bread, pickles etc.

My colleagues enjoyed the oven made cheesy pizzas and delicious pastas while I took the opportunity to indulge in meat since I live with a pescatarian and hence cook very little meat at home. The steak was done to perfection and presented beautifully. Every dish we ordered was lush.

The rooms in the hotel are spacious and offers you all the amenities needed. If you need two rooms for a family, the best option is a XL Revier Suite so you share a private entrance and yet a com space to get together. The XL Revier Suite has a lounge area that is perfect for TV time and has a small table to work from.

Located in one of the newest locations in Business Bay, Revier is an edgy, cozy, tech-savvy and design-led space offering nothing but the best when it comes to experience. We certainly enjoyed every moment spent there.

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