Dimension Data Launches its Smart Platform in Middle East to Enable Regional Businesses to Unlock the Power of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Following the global success of its solution, the company has now unveiled the Smart Platform in the region with purpose-built use cases for the energy, oil & gas, utilities, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality sectors

Dimension Data, a leading global systems integrator and managed services provider, today launched its Smart Platform in the Middle East. Having successfully expanded on its award-winning Smart City and Smart Sport solution – which has enhanced public safety, emergency response, situational awareness, and urban planning in modern cities – the company has now tailored the Platform for application in the energy, oil & gas, utilities, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

At its core, Dimension Data’s Smart Platform is a big data analytics and machine learning engine that collates and analyses vast amounts of data to generate problem solving insights and predictions that enable organizations to meet business objectives such as data monetisation, user experience improvement, safety enhancement, marketing optimization, and client satisfaction and retention.

“To succeed in the data economy, businesses need to unlock the potential of their data. For this, they need enterprise-class tools that break down silos and transform the deluge of data into rich actionable analytics,” explained Redouane Gaouar, Director Go-to-Market Practices and Strategic Partner Alliances at Dimension Data Middle East. “We help clients to develop and execute their innovation agenda by using new and emerging technologies to disrupt existing business models and achieve business outcomes faster. Our Smart Platform is the result of our co-innovation with partners and clients. It has proven its ability to help governments and organisations use their data more effectively to make informed decisions.”

Dimension Data’s Smart Platform has been purpose-built to offer the utmost flexibility, scalability and agility, enabling organisations to integrate advanced technologies like IoT, connectivity, edge computing, security, storage, data processing, analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) into the solution at the pace that is right for their business.

The system is based on a model that combines elements which perform recognition and detection at the network edge to analyse and predict trends using AI. It is a smart behaviour analytics platform that leverages machine learning for real-time processing, discovery, understanding, analysis the continuous time-serial data collection from agnostic sources. In this way, it enhances the predictive power of machine learning models, allowing clients to focus on deriving business insights and enhancing business decisions making.

The Smart Platform is interoperable with multiple technologies, facilitating its integration within different environments. It thus allows businesses to protect their existing IT investments, while utilising the Platform’s open architecture to design, implement, integrate and operate at the highest levels of automation and flexibility. As it is built from the ground up as a cloud-native application, with the utilization of micro-services and open APIs, the Smart Platform enables integration with any third party system for data extraction, normalization and application of AI, ML and Analytics functions for any use case. The Platform includes Dimension Data’s in-house developed multi-orchestrator which gives the ability to manage complex infrastructure environments and deploy the Smart Platform anywhere – on-premise in private data centres, on public clouds, or in hybrid cloud environments.

Dimension Data will extend full maintenance and support services for its Smart Platform. For customers that choose to act autonomously post-deployment, the company will offer a comprehensive training regimen that fully prepares in-house IT teams to independently support and maintain the system.

“We’re excited to offer businesses across a myriad of industry verticals a convenient and cost-effective path to realising the full value of their data. The tailored use cases we have designed for the urban planning and administration and the different industries greatly simplify roll-out of the platform while accelerating ROI and driving tangible business outcomes. The clients and partners that we have engaged with so far in the Middle East are acknowledging a lot of uniqueness in our Smart Platform value proposition. We put our society at the forefront of our consideration, and we are excited with the idea to bring value to our citizens, public and private organisations by leveraging such outcome-oriented proven solutions,” concluded Gaouar.

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