Expressing Individuality Through Fragrance

Abdulhamid AlBastaki


By Shereen Shabnam

Scents and fragrances often bring warm memories of places and identifies us with our loved ones. In this issue, we meet with Abdulhamid AlBastaki, CEO of Ocyana Perfumes as he talks about his journey into the fragrance industry.

AbdulHamid is a highly motivated leader with a successful track record of undertaking a number of challenging leadership positions and tasks in Government and Semi-Government enterprises and private sector. He takes pride in presenting OCYANA Perfumes, which he established with a goal to provide luxury perfumes with utmost quality, crafted with modern technology but derived from eastern heritage for VIP and discerning customers.

Being a home-grown concept, Ocyana Perfumes is proud to be a Made in UAE brand strengthened by the vision of becoming known globally. AbdulHamid believes in building a strong team that works as a family and he hopes to capitalize on his exceptional problem solving and motivational skills as well as the ability to lead, negotiate, deal, and close issues successfully.

As one of the strongest memory creators and nostalgia makers, Ocyana Perfumes takes you back in time to places and moments in history that spark real emotion within that is reflected in the name of the brand. AbdulHamid says it all started at the time when a group of travellers from the East embarked on the journey led by a star known as “Oceana” bearing precious gifts and spices for our Kings. The name is derived from this star.

He enthuses, “Using these treasurable ingredients, our special artisans then designed some unique fragrances that created a legacy and lasted for generations.” He hopes to introduce Ocyana to the world and has started with a presence in Saudi Arabia.

Having an entrepreneurial streak in him from childhood which saw him start a chewing gum selling business in Grade 5, AbdulHamid believes in opportunities and understands the market demands of the businesses he takes on. He studied Aviation Engineering and Business Management which taught him to be thorough in ventures he takes on.

Abdelhamid’s leadership qualities also saw him representing UAE to Japan for an international youth development program as a head of delegation and he has extensive experience in bilateral and multilateral trade issues, application of financial management, process controls at the work environment including promoting Emirati heritage and the position of Dubai as global leader in trade and economic development.

With his extensive experience at Dubai Chamber of Commerce, The Executive Council (TEC), Dubai Financial Market and The Executive Office, Abdelhamid is used to managing operations and strategic planning which helps him in his current position at OCYANA Perfumes.

AbdulHamid has also won numerous accolades during the course of his career from entities like Wasl Properties, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, UAE University and Dubai Financial Market for outstanding achievements. The qualities he was celebrated for are evident in the milestones he has achieved at OCYANA Perfumes.

Striving for perfection, AbdulHamid mentions that he started his journey only with a concept and took his time to develop the corporate identity, the colours, the target buyers, packaging, theme of the shop and worked extensively to perfect each area of the business. He took his inspiration from family traditions and was influenced a great deal by Edward De Bono.

On the personal front, AbdulHamid enjoys travelling to Switzerland and equally loves desert adventures. He also hopes to have a group of companies that sees him develop an F&B pop up concept and a furniture store concept.

With his passion for business, we are certain AbdulHamid will be successful in all his ventures and we wish him the best from our team.

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