Deserved Reputation in Advocacy


Edited by Shereen Shabnam

Managing Partner of Brillaw, 48-year-old Robert Mikulski is insightful and inspirational. To him, family is very important – he is married for 19 years to Katarzyna Mikulska, a doctor and has four children, Aleksander, Magdalena, Aleksandra and Kaswery.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Robert loves spending time with his family who give him a lot of new energy, but most of all peace and harmony. His father, Kazimierz Mikulski is an engineer and mum, Mirosława Mikulska and brother, Jarosław Mikulski are both economists.

Robert enjoys skiing, cycling, visiting interesting places and practicing Wushu – the oldest Chinese style of martial arts with his family as it teaches humility and peace and helps exercise strengths, speed and coordination.

For his education, Robert finished High School in Garwolin in 1989 and has special memories of school for students’ activities and as a member of the orchestra band playing snare drum. He graduated from Marie Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland graduating as the Master of Law in 1994. Robert has a lot of memories of college and university with his friends.

Starting his career as an advisor in the Polish Ministry of Finance in the Insurance Department, Robert after one year obtained a job in the Ministry Council Office in the Law Department staying there for almost five years. He also worked as a legislator and the assistant of the main legislator of the economic legislation process in Poland, including being engaged in the process of Poland joining the European Union structure.

Robert then graduated from the Economic University in Poznań and in 1999 passed with honours to become a legal advisor. After passing all exams, he joined the major hall of the City Konstancin-Jeziorna supporting two departments – real estates and city architecture.

In 2000, Robert established Stopczyk & Mikulski Law Office with his best friend. Since then for over 19 years, Robert worked as a legal advisor in Poland. He is a founder and a member of the Polish Association of Legislation, Polish-Arab Initiative Foundation and a member of the Rotary Club of Warsaw.  

Robert is a member of the Board of the Polish Hydrogen Association engaged in promoting works on alternative fuels and the “Pokolenia Pokolenia” Association which is engaged in process of promoting of the Polish culture between young people. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Warsaw’’ Chamber of Commerce.

As the Managing Partner of a very unique law team of experienced and open-minded people, Robert is very happy in his current position after working as a lawyer over last 25 years and a professional legal advisor over 20 years.

He has met many fantastic people who have inspired him with good words and advise including his parents, wife and friends. He is proud to be a leader because of the skills of his team whose greatest achievement includes being the legal team for their main client (PKP PLK SA) for the modernization of the Polish Railways.

Robert joined the Legal field because as a teenager, he saw Capital City movie about brokers and advisors in the financial corporation assisting people who need help, good guidance and it became an idea for a future job career.

To young people in his profession, Robert proposes having a lot of humility and relying on intuition, constantly improving skills and surrounding themselves with people that have similar values in their life. Robert has received a distinction for a very successful legal counsel exam from the Dean of the District and the Chamber of Legal Advisors.

As the Managing Partner of the Law Firm, Robert is creating opportunities for his company to grow and expand, and offer our legal services internationally – keeping the highest co-operation standards. Other goal is implementation of the advanced technology – machine learning and AI in their services.

On the Middle East, he concludes saying that the Middle East is the cradle of ancient civilizations and has a huge potential that is still waiting to be discovered.

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